Thrush in Women – How To Best Treat A Thrush Infection?

Most women experience thrush most often during pregnancy and menstruation because it is during these times that the body goes through major hormonal fluctuations which changes the vaginal acidity (pH levels) and contributes to a yeast infection. Women experience troublesome vaginal discharge, persistent vaginal burning and itching alongside with fatigue and lethargy. It is no surprise that it becomes quite stressful for some women and this imposes a great infliction to their overall lives and relationships.

Thankfully there are several methods to successfully treat thrush at home, here are some well documented and proven methods that will help bring fast relief and treat symptoms better than most antibiotics drugs and creams that are out there.

Treat Thrush at home with Yogurt

It’s common knowledge that natural yogurt is good for the digestive system and that’s because it contains friendly bacteria such as acidophilus that helps our digestive tract from the bad bacteria. Yogurt has been reported by many women to be a great thrush treatment which gets rid of all yeast infection fast.

Apply yogurt topically, as you would a vaginal cream. Apply it to the affected area for best results.

Yogurt is also very soothing and relaxing so this should bring relief to the burning and soreness.

Treat Thrush at home with Garlic

Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic which helps fight off many types of bacteria and fungi. It’s especially effective when it comes to treating thrush and other yeast infection types.

Apply garlic directly to the affected area for best results.

These are just a few of the best home thrush treatments used to successfully cure a yeast infection without any of the serious health side effects that are often associated with prescribed antibiotics. Many women have reported success with implementing the holistic natural home treatment.

It is important to get a guide to help you use these remedies properly and specify how much or how frequent they should be used. You can easily get rid of your thrush within days using natural remedies with proper guidance.