Think Slim, Be Slim

April 12, 2017 Off By

A fit body is not just the product of a rigorous, consistent fitness plan. What you think affects how effective your fitness and diet regimen is. If you think you can be slim, you are going to get there. Every endeavor starts with the mind. Thinking positive will get you positive results. Human as we are, though, we can not help but harbor some doubt or negativity. It's normal. But sometimes there are things that can really hold us back. There are 3 in this list. Denial, negativism and expecting yourself to be perfect. Let's see why what we think may be as important as what we eat.

Some people are so fond of making excuses why they put on weight. Maybe you heard about the woman who blames the weight on the baby. Problem is, the baby is already in junior high. The weight might get blamed on a really stressful job. Others blame a really nasty divorce. Whatever the reason, you have to accept that you gained weight. Denying something as obvious as gaining weight is pointless. Without you really have a problem with how you see yourself. The sooner you accept that you have a weight problem, the sooner you can make solutions. To see where the weight is coming from, start a journal. This will help you determine just how many calories you consume every day.

If you think you're fat, you are. Do not treat yourself too harshly. Admit that you have a weight problem. Being too hard on yourself will not solve anything. Instead, copy a page out of the slim woman's secrets. Analyze your relationship with food. For the slim woman, food is fuel. It is a tool to keep her healthy and strong. She does not let food control her. She controls her food.

Setting goals that are impossible to attain will only disappoint you. Depriving yourself of certain foods is not realistic. You're bound to fall off the wagon, especially during holidays. Getting frustrated with your fitness plan is a prescription for failure. The key here is territory control. Allow yourself to eat everything. As long as you control how often and how much you're eating, a little indulgence is fine. You just have to familiarize yourself with the calorie content of foods. Reward yourself after working out consistently for three months. You deserve it. However, eating a tub of ice cream before working on the treadmill for 15 minutes is a bad idea.

Your attitude towards your fitness goals is the first key to your success. Knowing what you can change leads you to formulate solutions. Knowing what you can not change leads you to acceptance. Set attainable goals. Be kind to yourself. Accept that you're not perfect.