The Weight Watchers Diet Program

The Weight Watchers diet program promotes a better sense of well being of living a healthy lifestyle with healthy food choices along with a lifetime support group to keep one highly motivated to maintain an ideal weight.

Being an international company of dieting products, Weight Watchers also offer services that cater to offering dieting, weight loss and maintenance services. In order to qualify to the Weight Watchers diet program, one needs to meet the weight requirement that is based on the person’s height in order to determine whether it is deemed necessary for the person to lose more weight.

A common standard basis used by Weight Watchers for determining the ideal goal of establishing a weight reduction plan is based on the person’s weight and height. Prior to admittance to the Weight Watchers diet program, it is basically required that the person chooses the kind of weight they like to achieve which is based from what is an acceptable weight considered as healthy from their body mass index or BMI.

But ideally it is most preferable that the person brings a referral from a physician on the ideal weight considered to be healthy to the person joining the Weight Watchers diet program.

The diet program of Weight Watchers consists of losing weight program supported by a maintenance period. Once they achieved the ideal weight for them they are then promoted to become Weight Watchers lifetime members.

The lifetime members of Weight Watchers are required to weigh once a month to monitor how well they maintain a healthy weight. As a motivation to lifetime members, they are not charged with a fee for attending weekly meetings if they successfully maintain their weight. However a weekly fee will be charged to members who failed to keep their weight maintained by going more than 5 pounds of their weight goal.

Weight Watchers provides online support to their members through their Weight Watchers’ eTools with an access to relevant support materials and weight tracking tools all for free.

The weight loss plan of Weight Watchers is under the core plan program that identify groups of foods to eat that involve restricted diet where eating of the foods must be until at the satisfaction level of the dieter and not to reach a full stomach level.

No calorie measurement is involved with the Weight Watchers diet program. The foods involved with the core meal plan are healthy foods encompassing all the food groups such as vegetables, fruits, meats and grains.

Point values are also used to foods that are outside the core plan. Participants are also encouraged to consume these foods with exercise. The input of exercise in the weight loss program of Weight Watcher is also responsible for the more flexible choice of meal plans provided to the proponents of the program to choose for.

More flexible options and less bounded food choices are allowed to the Weight Watchers participants as long as they offset it to exercise. Participants are further provided with guided steps on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their life membership with Weight Watchers.