The Water Diet – Does it Work?

Get the inside scoop from dieters who have tried it.

It's that time again. Summer is here, it's family vacation time, reunions, celebrations, lake house visits, so you know what that means … swimsuit season! Are you ready? Most of us never really are.

We look in the mirror and notice some weight gain. "Okay, I'm going on a diet tomorrow." That's a start, however the main question is "What kind of diet?". That really all depends on you, your body type, what you can tolerate, and what long term results you are looking for.

There's tons of diets out there from Atkins, South Beach, The Zone, Raw Food, Weight Watchers, to Jenny Craig, and the list continues. There is however one particular one that really caught my eye, The Water Diet.

First, I questioned whether or not it was safe. Next my mind immediately wanted to know, "Does it really work?" Sounds too good and too simple to be true. According to some people who have tested this out, it does work but the results vary from person to person.

Let's start with clarifying how the Water Diet works. This particular diet also known as the Cold Water Diet does not limit food consumption, nor does it require exercise. Basically all it consists of is drinking cold water in eight 8-oz. servings over course of the day, with or without meals, in addition to the dieter's normal fluid intake. It is believed that when cold water is ingested, the body burns extra calories because the colder the water, the harder the body works to warm up the water. So the result is your body working to burn more calories all by itself.

Even though there has not been any proven scientific research conducted on this diet, there are testimonials on a few dieters who saw satisfying results. One gentleman lost 50 lbs after 1 year. Another lost 10 lbs within a month. What was their strategy? Drink one glass of water before meals, one during, and one after eating.

Does it matter what kind of water? Yes it does. As with anything, you get what you pay for. Do your research and find out what is in your water (even if it is bottled). There are all types of water these days but be sure to find the one that fits your needs. Modern science and technology has invented ways to add what your body lacks into bottled water find out what your body lacks and nourish it properly.

So does it really work? I guess the only real way to know is to try it out for yourself. Why not? It's pretty simple. No change in eating habits, no need for exercise, no more money to spend, and it's all natural. Just remember to drink cold water and watch the pounds melt away! Do not forget, the colder the better.