The Ultimate Guide to Hormones

February 10, 2017 Off By Dante Filyaw

New Hope for Middle Aged, Obese Men Have you executed all things in the goal of losing weight? There are people who, despite their best efforts, consider losing weight as the biggest challenge of their lives. Sometimes even with the help of weight reducing drugs available out there, still there are those who don’t succeed. Although these so called ‘diet pills’ promise to melt away the fats, people today are becoming wary about its effects because not all pills are created equal and not all of them are safe to take. This boils down to exercise. Albeit exercise is a safe and natural way to lose weight, not everyone has the time to do it. Then there’s the diet plan. But, not everyone has the patience to wait to see results. So what most of these people do is they get involved with crash dieting. They deprive themselves with nutritious food products and consume only juices within 24 hours. While this can support your goal to lose weight, it is might only be beneficial for a short span of time.
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Now there something that would help lose weight and other related concerns. Some modern studies indicate that testosterone can assist you to reduce weight and keep it at bay. In case you didn’t know, low testosterone are associated with excessive fat according to some reports. There can be researches which show that overweight men who were given testosterone injections essentially dropped weight in a considerable amount. In five years, these obese men who underwent hormone replacement therapy lost a total of thirty-five pounds and not just that, their body mass index also reflected a decrease from thirty-four to twenty-nine. After receiving such therapy, these men moved from obese to overweight. Moreover, they also noticed the beneficial result in their triglyceride levels. Additionally, these men also felt and seen a reduction of their blood pressure.
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The outcomes of such related studies astounded a lot of medical professionals that they are many are now starting to prescribe testosterone to their clients. You see, the hormone testosterone declines as part of the normal process of aging most especially to men. And apart from the increase in weight which is quite prevalent among middle-aged men, reduced energy, easy fatigability, and probably lowered sexual drive is typical. Testosterone treatment method may also help handle these kinds of issues. Excessively Fat individuals are recommended to get rid of excess fat to be healthy. If you can’t go to the gym and exercise and if you are having a hard time focusing on eating lean meat, greens and wheat then you should consider testosterone shots. Only be sure to seek professional advice from a qualified medical doctor for this kind of weight loss method.