The Slim Person You Seek Is Inside You

Aurorasa Sima is an Emotional Intelligence Trainer, business and executive coach who conducts sales training sessions, workshops, webinars and other events. In a recent blog, Do You Want to Search or Find (see link to her blog below), she mentioned how oftentimes after a training session someone will come up to her and say, "I knew all of that" and her response always is , "So, are you using that knowledge?"

That resonated with me as relates to my interactions with weight loss clients.

Often, either during a brief initial 'info call' conversation with someone or during an in-person consultation, when I am talking about a range of issues as relates to obesity and health (and, in particular, their own medical issues, if any ), a person will say, "Yeah, I know all that." My response always is, "So, how is knowing it all working out for you?" Obviously, it is not.

Aurorasa writes, "Most people perceive only things that are new to them as interesting. The danger is that they never dig deep into a topic."

In my world, that also rings very true because too many overweight and obese people:

  1. Do not stick with any fad diet too long because, well … you know … they can not (it does not work, they get bored, their friends stopped doing it, they do not feel well, etc ), and they move on to something new-the next quick-fix, the next scam, the next easy-out, the next what-can-I-do-without-any-effort-always searching and hoping to find the new 'magic' pill or potion that'll work this time; and
  2. They almost never want to dig in and deal with the topic of why they became overweight / obese in the first place and why they choose to keep on moving from one easy quick-fix to the next, knowing full well the only thing they're going to lose is time and money … and more time and more money.

If you're constantly searching for something that you know does not exist (a way to lose weight that is cheap, fast, healthy and lasts a lifetime), what that really means is you just do not want to dig in and deal with the real topic: You. What are you searching for?

If you already have the knowledge required to achieve something you want or need, but choose not to apply it productively and, instead, keep on looking for something else, that really means you do not want to achieve the objective or fix the problem because :

  1. You're hiding from something (there's comfort in that cocoon of fat);
  2. You are afraid to fail … again; or
  3. You do not want to give it the time, concentration and commitment it requires.

It is much easier, as Aurorosa writes in her blog, to behave like a butterfly who flutters from one flower to the next, resting here and there for a while, never committing for too long, searching for the perfect place to land, no flower or leaf is good enough. This is like a man or a woman who is always searching for that perfect mate, or who loves the thrill of the chase of the 'new,' but never allows him- or herself to get 'caught.' Rather than deal with commitment to one person, they move on to the next new love. And, when it comes to weight loss, for too many people it is much easier to do short bursts of quick-fixes because in their mind they are 'doing something', than it is for them to stick with 'the thing' that works and which requires time, attention and commitment … aka hard work.

Aurorosa poses two great questions, "Do they want to search or do they want to find? Has the search become their objective instead of their resource?"

To those who are constantly searching for the thrill of the next new diet craze, I pose these questions:

  1. Do you really enjoy the never-ending search? What is it about the constant, perpetual hunt for the easy, quick- and temporary fix for weight loss that you find so satisfying?
  2. Do you really like spending all that money time and again, watching the months and years go by while you are in a perpetual yo-yo of loss and gain?
  3. Is your life so dull that the thrill of the next new quick-fix is ​​all you have to look forward to? Is that why even though you 'know all that' you do not use your knowledge as a resource and apply it to losing weight once and for all?

I'd like to apply the definitions of search, seek and find …

  • Search – To look for something that is missing or lost.
  • Seek – To look for knowledge, truth , comfort, happiness, guidance.
  • Find – To discover, to reach, to arrive at, to perceive.

… To weight loss:

  • The perfect quick fix for weight loss is not missing or lost; it never existed, so stop the search .
  • Eating from the food groups daily with portion control, every few hours (to stabilize blood sugar), drinking water throughout the day (to stay hydrated), and some exercise is the basic knowledge you seek for safe, healthy, consistent weight loss.
  • Incorporate that knowledge into your life, and you will find the slim person you want to be is where it's always been: inside you.

… And getting to that slim person inside you is never going to be easy. But it is going to be worth it .


Here the Click for Do You Want To Search or the Find