The Quality of Medical Treatment and Surgery in Poland

The medical sector is undergoing radical changes. The changes are mostly visible in Poland, where private and public healthcare providers have to compete for a patient by offering the highest quality of medical services.
Many medical institutes introduced TQM rules – total quality management, in the early 70s. This management method consists in production of the better quality products in order to compete with other organizations on the market. This began the process of improving the healthcare services in Poland, which was translated into the patient’s satisfaction.
The quality of medical services goes hand in hand with medical standards. Polish medical standards show the right path of medical and therapeutic proceedings. The medical regulations are drown up by medical science societies in each country. Poland as European Union member uses the medical standards that meets EU regulations. Legal acts require performing duties in accordance with the actual and medical knowledge of medical staff. The level of medical education in Poland is very high and many of the Polish specialist doctors were valued overseas. Poland is a leader in some medical disciplines, such as cardiosurgery or orthopaedy. However, the appropriate medical services standards are connected not only with the education and experience but also with the available medical equipment. Together with the private healthcare development the access of the most modern medical equipment in Poland has been improved. This mainly apply to the clinics specializing in plastic surgery, cosmetic medicine, dermatology, dentistry, ect. However the general private hospitals are also built in Poland. The biggest and the most modern private hospital in Poland, Medicover hospital in Warsaw, provides complex medical services Polish and foreign patients.
The figures shows that more and more overseas patients who are looking for best medical treatment at affordable prices, visit Poland. The MTA Poland representative (medical tourism agency organizing medical packages to Poland) says that medical tourists who comes to Poland for a surgery or medical treatment are more and more aware of the high quality medical services in Poland. They entrust their health and life to the Polish medical specialist and have to be sure about the safety of the procedure. The most popular are plastic surgery procedures (liposuction, breast surgery), aesthetic medicine (Fraxel laser, Macrolane), dental treatment (dental implants, veneers) but also elective surgery and orthopaedy (hip and knee replacement). MTA Poland’s clients are satisfied with the final results and usually they stay in Poland for their rehabilitation period.
The responsibility of providing the best available quality of medical services lies with healthcare providers in Poland, so it is essential to have a permanent in-service training courses for medical staff as well as gradual modernizing of medical facilities. Polish private clinics use the same branded materials and equipment that are used in the UK. What’s more every dental clinic in Poland offer a guarantee on prosthetic work and on implants. The beneficiaries of high quality medical services in Poland are not only Poles but also Brits and other foreigners.