The Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow: How and Where to Use It 

We have all heard the saying, “self love is the best love,” and the best way to practice that is with some sort of self care. Imagine the feeling of coming home after a long day at work, or taking care of your family and being there for your friends, and being able to partially relax in the bathtub due to the uncomfortable ceramic you have to rest against. Don’t you deserve to indulge in a full relaxation experience. This everlasting comfort bath pillow is here to save the day. 

Now, we know that bathtubs are not the most comforting, yet they can be the things that bring you the most relaxation after an eventful day. Adding a bath pillow to your nightly self care routine is the ultimate recipe for a peaceful night and quality rest. Keep reading to learn more!

Self Care Matters, but Why?

Self care is something that is super important to our overall well being. As previously stated, self love is the best love, but why is self care so important for us to pursue? Practicing self care both mentally and physically can keep you from undergoing burnout. Burnout is a problem many people face. To get yourself going at a functional and healthy place, self care is the best practice. This can also prevent the burnout from happening the first time. 

Self care also takes care of your mental well being and health. It is important to take out time for yourselves and check on your mental wellness. Self care is a vital element while doing this. With busy schedules we put this practice aside which keeps us bound with pain. 

Lastly, it sets up a routine for you which is regular. As humans, we strive to have a routine. By adding a few little steps in your everyday routine, especially in the night time, you can get yourself a good night’s sleep. Another benefit of having a routine is that we look forward to our day or week as being stressful or relaxing. 

How Does a Bath Help with Self Care?

One of the many practiced sensory experiences in taking care of your own self is taking out time to indulge in a nice hot bath with luxurious homemade bath bomb. Apart from the satisfactory feeling you get from a bath, they also provide health advantages that help you boost overall well-being. There are several benefits that having a hot, relaxing bath can contribute to your self care routine. It helps you adjust your nervous system, heart along with respiratory health, blood health, immunity, muscle, bones, and joint health. A hot bath sure has several benefits. But what if we told you that you can simply double those benefits by adding an easy accessory to your bathtime?

Why Add a Bath Pillow?

Adding a bath pillow can take your next bath from ordinary to extraordinary! Not only does it add an extraordinary comfort to your bath time experience, it also provides a great sense of ease, which is literally the definition of luxury! Add in the fact that you will be soaking and relaxing warm water, you cannot beat the sensation! This bathtub pillow also has super soft and supportive padding, which is literally the next step to elevating your already amazing bathing routine. I am sure we all have experienced an ache at least one from leaning on the hard tub surface during one of our (only) times to relax. Try it out and look for yourself just how vital it is and how it can make your bathing time soothing and relaxing. 

Speaking of hard surfaces, not only is this super cushion great for comfort, it is also very protective. Adding a bath pillow can also protect your neck and head from that hard surface in your tub. Remember those aches we were talking about? Imagine constantly feeling that pain in your neck or back… Not the most pleasant experience, right? Sadly, we can say that we have experienced the harsh reality that tubs are made of materials that are meant to hold water, not support or comfort the body. With comfortable support for your neck and head, they don’t have to get in contact with the cold or hard side of the bathtub. The ergonomic design of this pillow gives you a bathing experience which is even more relaxing and comfortable, with nothing keeping you from the feeling of calmness. .

Bath Pillow’s Top Features 

One thing that so many consumers worry about when it comes up to investing in a bath pillow is the constant adjusting that they may have to do to keep it from sliding into the water. One of the many amazing things about this bath pillow is the four powerful suction cups that are attached, reducing the anxiety and/or aggravation that could come with a slippery and wet bath pillow. This pillow is made with a soft and breathable cover for undeniable comfort and reduced odor from exposure to the water. The built-in hook is also an amazing aid for reducing the odor that could arise from improper drying. In fact, that is the exact purpose of this hook: quick drying! It also helps with easy storage and maintaining the freshness of your new pillow. Another perk is that it is machine washable, which is the ultimate odor preventing technique yet!

Here is another reason why you need this bathtub pillow. Imagine you are relaxing in the tub, not wanting to move, let alone stand up… But you look up and realize your favorite shower gel is on the side of the tub, or worse… Hanging up in your shower caddy… The most convenient feature that this bath pillow has is the incredibly deep side pocket for storing your bath essentials. Perhaps you want to apply a face mask, or your favorite moisturizer or shampoo, this deep side pocket has you covered! What everyone loves about this specific bath pillow is that it fits in almost every single bathtub, resulting in an effortless relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Now is the time to elevate your self care routine and bathing experience using a luxurious and premium quality bath pillow. It is the perfect opportunity to rest and relax while improving your overall health and wellbeing, mentally and physically. It is a win-win situation you do not want to pass up or miss out on! 

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