The benefits of a Detox Foot Bath

In these modern times we all live in a very toxic environment.  Our food is filled with chemicals, as is our water, the air is filled with polution and even the clothes we wear are covered in germs.  At any time you could be vulnerable to heavy metals and toxins.  These toxins build up in the body and then are stored in the fat cells which have a tendency to want to keep them in the cells. An excellent way to get rid of toxins, that have been building up in your body is to sweat, as you would in a sauna or hot bath.  But a lot of people these days simply don’t have the time to spend in a sauna to achieve good results.  Plus saunas may be a bit difficult to get to and also if being used for detoxification really it should be supervised by a licensed practitioner.
These days people are finding a more simple alternative and a great way to get rid of these unwanted toxins in the body.  This is the use of ionic detox footbaths.  This is not an ordinary footbath.  The ionic detox footbath works by the following – a small current is sent into a circuit that then goes through the body that then generates positively charged ions.  Because there is a high level of concentration of the ion field, these ions attach themselves to the negatively charged toxins and therefore neutralize them and the body is therefore able to eliminate them, discharging them through the 2000 pores that are found at the bottom of the feet.  You can then have the correct acid-alkaline ph balance that you are meant to have.  It is painfree and only takes about 30 minutes.  Children can even use it aged 4 and up but it should be under adult supervision. Some of the people who should not use this footbath is anyone using a pacemaker, anyone who has organ transplants and nursing or expectant mothers.
In this current age most americans are in an acid state to a certain degree. The fact is our bodies are not in the natural ph balance that they are suppose to be in.  When that happens the body is left vulnerable to different kinds of diseases.  When a body is in its correct alkaline-acid ph balance it is able to defend itself from the daily attacks the body receives.  This is of the utmost importance particularly if you are getting better from an illness or healing from surgery.
Every body has its own electrical field and if it gets to positively charged up the body will find itself in an acid state.  A way to find out your own ph balance is by taking a trip to the local health food store or drug store and purchasing test strips.  They are very simple to use and show in a few seconds if you are acid or alkaline.
Detox foot baths can help assist in the following ways
1)The immune system is enhanced
2)Can help with the recovery time of surgery and injuries
3)The pain of arthritis can be relieved and joint pain
4) Sleep patterns can be improved.
5)Heavy metals removed
6)Kidney and liver function improvement
7)Blood clot material removed
When using an ionic footbath the color of the water changes. The different colors can let you know what part of the body may be detoxing.
Black flecks – heavy metals
Dark green – the gallbladder
Black or brown water is the liver
White foam- lymph nodes draining
Red flecks – blood clot material
Yellowy green- urinary tract, the kidneys
Orange- the joints
It may vary with each individual what the color of the water is and other reasons of why the color may change may be due to the type of water such as city water, well water, mineral water and of course the state of your health.  If you put the metal array into the water on its own you may see changes in the water colour such as a brownish color. But the fact of the mater is it is the oily residue that will come floating to the top that will let you know that you are getting rid of unwanted toxins in your body. The more frequently you use the machine the less you will see of the dirty build up in the water.
Something important when using this procedure is to make sure you are correctedly hydrated. Make sure you drink a lot of water (not the distilled variety) before and during the session as this is of the utmost importance and also something important is the use of colloidal minerals and electrolytes.  This will make sure you have good conductivity.
Even after just one usage you may feel renewed and a good sense of improved vitality.  You and your family deserve the benefits to health that the detox footbath can provide.