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February 6, 2017 Off By Dante Filyaw

The Opportunities of Studying Abroad

Some will even organize a farewell party behind your back, because they are happy of your great achievement. Perhaps, you have already gone through the internet to get an ideal view of the specific university maybe in China, you have gone through their brochures and you feel ready but still you feel unsettled. Worry no more as this article extensively covers the major things to bear in mind as you prepare yourself to travel and study abroad.

We all have a friend, or a sisters friend or a cousins friends or even a friend’s friend who had the opportunity to study abroad before us.Studying abroad is expensive.

You must have a valid passport and it should not expire within six months of your intended stay, ensure that you have blank pages if you have travelled before. Visa application is granted at the embassy depending on the reason started and other foreign country rules and regulations. The sooner you get your plane ticket the cheaper it becomes, two months or three prior to travel time is highly recommended.Visiting a travel doctor comes in handy when one is visiting a foreign country.
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Consider doing research of the country’s local customs, culture and the people. This is important in case your flight is delayed, lose your luggage such as laptops, smartphones, iPad, passports jewelry and money or during evacuation in an health emergency or a disaster.
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Alert your bank that you will be away for a specific period of time to study abroad.Once you are sure everything is in order, start parking, have a checklist first from your study abroad program so as not to leave out the most necessary stuff. If it’s the cellphone, by a local sim card and pay-as-you-go plan to get a number that you can share with friends and WhatsApp people home as calls could be very expensive.

As I conclude, being away will be the most difficult moment for you and your family members especially if you were living with them. There are always travel advisories from the host countries advising non-residents of areas to keep off while in that country, keep yourself updated.