Obesity is a growing health problem which more people face now than they ever did. And teenage obesity is becoming an ever more growing problem, not only in the developed countries, but also in the developing countries. And the main culprit of growing teenage obesity problems, is that of junk food.

It’s not something that we can get away from, and it is also the reason why even developing countries are now facing teenage obesity problems. The fast food culture of the west has been steadily spreading through to other countries. Junk food is now fast replacing the nutritious foods which were staples of these developing countries, and children and teenagers are the target for these radical changes.

More and more children and teenagers across the world are succumbing to the fast food and junk food cultures and letting go their hold on the good wholesome foods which helped keep their forebears fit and healthy.

So how is a person to stop this rising tide of teenage obesity? There is no simple answer to this problem, and it is not always something that can be tackled at the home level, or even the school level.

The unhappy fundamental problem of teenage obesity comes down to one or two things, with junk foods and fast foods being the main core of it. We need to deal with these types of foods, maybe even look to eliminate them completely from our diets. Such overly processed, and overly starchy/ greasy/ sugary foods simply can’t be healthy for anyone, let alone a teenager.

That’s one thing. The other part of the problem of teenage obesity stems from an increasing lack of physical exercise of any sort. Technological advances have made it all but obsolete for people to physically shift their bodies. Most of us can stay in the same room, in the same chair for an entire day, and have our entire lives revolve around us.

Children and teenagers of yesteryear were undeniably more active during the daylight hours, which is why teenage obesity was not such a problem. If they weren’t helping around the house or the farm or some such thing, they would either be playing outdoors and socializing, or they would be doing some kind of activity which necessitated that they move their bodies, regularly and frequently.

Ultimately however, teenage obesity can only be dealt with the by the teenagers who suffer from this problem, themselves. They can however, be supported and guided on to the right path by those who know better, and who are in a position to help them. The problem of teenage obesity can be overcome, it just needs a little push and a shove to get it jumpstarted.