Take It From a Newbie! Seems SEO Takes Forever When Optimizing Web Marketing Websites!

I am not a person with a lot of patience, therefore, when I decided to

I am not a person with a lot of patience, therefore, when I decided to start up a new web marketing company, little to my knowledge, it was packaged with a lesson in patience.

After purchasing several different opportunity products, claiming to start turning a profit within as little as six weeks or promising step by step guidance, I am learning a certain pattern of how this is not going to be a click and go process. It has been eight weeks and close to one thousand dollars in opportunity products and seo consultant start up packages, which will be another story later, with no income projections in the immediate future.

This, my friends, is just one example of how owning and operating an Internet business from home works.

I know, as well as most of you, that the rich quick opportunity products out there do exist but do they hold a reputation of longevity? With all the new search engine rules it is making it harder every day to execute fast growing website promotions.

Building a website or even doing some SEO modifications can take several days to see any results. It almost feels like every time I make a change I am back at ground zero.

Learning quite a bit over the last eight weeks, from trial and error and from watching training videos, I have found that it can be a very slow process.

Oh! I Just reminded myself! I would like to take a minute to thank each and every one of you that have contributed to my learning. By posting videos and articles, so passionately, about SEO and building a website you all have made a great contribution to my knowledge on each of the subjects. Even as a someone new to the industry, I know there are some positive kickbacks for you, but It is still a great opportunity for me or any other patron trying to get started in this, ever becoming so popular, industry.

When I submit or publish any changes to my website, not seeing any immediate effects take place, I would get so frustrated. I finally got frustrated enough to call my hosting company. This was, oh I would say, maybe lesson 13 of my newly found journey of starting a web marketing business. I was informed that changes, although they normally don’t, could take up to twenty-four to forty-eight hours to publish.

I would have probably known this if it wasn’t for my lack of patience. If I would have just slowed down to read all the materials and completely watched the videos, you know, stop fast forwarding through the parts I felt were already known, provided by my hosting company maybe it could have been a less frustrating experience.

So I guess this is the part where I can give a little advice.

With this or any type of training, try to stay patient. Read, listen or watch all training and informational materials provided to get you started. Don’t jump ahead telling yourself you’ve got this or I know what I’m doing type of thinking.

Follow the path provided, you will save yourself a lot of stress, frustration and the one thing many of us don’t have enough of “TIME”.

Keep the piece and stay relaxed!