Stop Snoring in Women Naturally – Doctors Won't Tell you that!

What I’m about to tell you was quite embarrassing for me in the beginning, however, I’d like to share with you a little ‘secret’ that I found about how to stop snoring in women naturally. (You’ll probably never hear about this from your doctor or from anyone in the drug industry, and later I’ll explain why)

Anyway, here is my little story…

About a week ago, while I was taking a nap I suddenly woke up, and I thought “what was that horrible noise?” At that moment I just realized that it was my snoring that woke me up…

Was that embarrassing? ‘Terrifying’ is a better word…my husband tells me for years that I’m snoring loud, and it was annoying him. I never believed him. I thought he was just teasing me.

OMG, what happens when I fall asleep in public? I mean at a family thing, subway, airplane…?

I know snoring is quite common with pregnant women, and I’ve always considered it as another fun pregnancy side affect, or with overweight women, when the extra weight on the stomach makes it more difficult to breathe when you lie on your back.

Anyway I’m not pregnant or overweight, and I’m quite healthy, but since that day it keeps bothering me. The first thing I did is ‘asking’ my ‘private doctor’- Dr. Google… how to put an end to this problem.

Have you seen the amount of gadgets, devices, and drugs that claim to cure snoring problems? Isn’t that confusing? Nasal surgery…laser surgery…chin strap…anti-snoring spray…special pillows…special weight loss programs…you name it…

I know one thing for sure – the drug industry (and YES, that includes doctors) are in it to make money. They’ll try to ‘push’ all that stuff instead of telling us that we don’t really need it (the same goes with other drugs) as there are all-natural techniques that are proven to stop snoring problems in women and men.

I spent hours on the web until I found this little ‘secret’ – can you believe that?