Sports Medicine – Weighing The Opportunities In The Future?

The factors that form the basics of the field of specialization in the sports medicine are preventive care and the therapeutic medicine. This field being the inter-disciplinary and branch of medicine helps in providing options for curing the players from the non-professional and the professional groups.

Now-a-days the sports field is earning a very competitive tone at a surprising speed. This is an important reason for the sports medicine branch to assume a huge importance these days. The object of this practice is faster to fasten the process of patients' recovery and to bring about reduction in the loss of efficiency and performance.

The underlying principle in this field of sports medicine lies in the amendments in techniques, venues, rules, equipment whose decisions are based on research.
Scope of Function

This field engulfs a wide range of disabilities and disorders which are caused because of many factors
The specialists? branches that come under the purview of the sports medicine field are as follows:

* Cardiology
* Pulmonology
* Orthopedic surgery
* Exercise physiology
* Biomechanics
* Traumatology

Besides the branches stated above, there are several categories of people who demand special attention from the professionals who are adepts in sports medicine.

Some of them are:

* Female athletes who suffer from menstrual problems, eating disorders and bone density problems. * Athletes who are aging.
* Athletes who suffer from skin and endocrinological diseases

Special Concerns

Besides the above mentioned people, there are specific occasions in which specialists in sports medicine play an important role.
The below listed are some of the crucial ones among other issues.

* Issues that have their source in the international sporting events like
* Usage of pharmacologic supplements,
* Travel and acclimatization
* Substance abuse
* Verification of gender.

The Profession

A large numbers of professionals from medical field are now willing to specialize in this field.

Medical professionals who wish to specialize in this field should start up with the residency program in any one of the below mentioned areas:

* Family practice
* Internal medicine
* Emergency medicine
* Pediatrics
* Physical medicine
* Rehabilitation

The above mentioned program is then followed by 1 to 2 years of an additional training which is made possible through acknowledged fellowship programs in this field. Based on the basic eligibility criterion, a few professionals are allowed to take up the subspecialty qualification examination.


A wide range of research and estimations have been performed to fill the future of the sports medicine with increase in its performance and the reduction of ailments.

Most of the analysis head to the single fact that sports medicine would play a vital and a very effective role in preventing sports related injuries.

A detailed study of the body's neuromuscular adaptations is an important aspect that speaks on the application of sports medicine in the prevention of injuries caused due to sports.
Eventually, further developments in the area of ​​sports medicine will mostly assure physical activity that is very safe and also increase the levels of performance to an appreciable extent.