Some Diseases that Can Be Treated With Cannabis

During this time marijuana is considered as one form of illicit drugs and just simply have a bad effect on the body. But recently the name of hashish or marijuana was rising in the health field. One health authority who has become an expert in that field is the Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors.

Researchers found many health effects that can be given marijuana to help treat various diseases. Nowadays, more and more states are legalizing the use of marijuana for treatment of certain diseases. Not difficult at present looking for a competent doctor in the field of medical marijuana, Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida  one of them. Facilitate access in consultation with several specialists.

It is not a figment, because researchers have proved the use of cannabis in the treatment of several diseases. Here are some diseases that can be treated using cannabis. So in the present marijuana has been an All Natural Medical Solutions. Many researchers are already using cannabis in the treatment of several serious diseases:

  1. Brain Disease

One of the diseases that used cannabis in the treatment is associated with brain disease. A study found that the substance THC contained in marijuana may protect the brain from the death of brain nerve aggressive. It was discovered after researchers conducted a study of rats.

  1. Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most deadly type of cancer in women after lung cancer. A study revealed that cannabidiol (CBD) in cannabis known to reduce the spread of breast cancer cells and shrink the cancer. These results were published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment in 2001.