Sacred Heart Diet and Cabbage Soup Diet Reviews

There have been plenty of “quick weight loss” diets presented to the American population in the last few decades. Anyone who has tried losing weight undoubtedly has seen them.

All of them promise nearly miraculous results with very little effort on the dieter’s part. Some programs even hint that people with specific ailments, or dieters headed for serious surgery, might benefit especially from their program.

One of these “fad” diets is the Cabbage Soup Diet, and its close relative, the Sacred Heart Diet. Let’s take a look at this type of diet and see what it has in store.

We’ll examine the basic regimen for both the Cabbage Soup Diet and the Sacred Heart Diet.

While participating in these diets, the dieter has to eat large quantities of cabbage soup and eat a very strict diet for seven days. The idea is that the hot soup will make the stomach feel full and tell the brain to stop being hungry – this in spite of the very few calories and nutrition in the soup, or in the rest of the food allowed on any one day.

The soup recipe is made up of variations on the following ingredients: cabbage, green onions, canned diced tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, a bunch of celery, and various flavorings and seasonings. The advantage to this soup is that it is completely fat-free.

Despite some early claims for this diet, nutritionists assure us that the cabbage itself has no inherent fat-reducing qualities.

It’s possible to see a ten-pound loss on the scale in the first week on this diet. This would surely be attractive to the very obese, or new mothers trying to reduce their postpartum belly fat quickly.

With so few calories available in the diet, however, this rapid weight loss is mostly water, according to nutritionists.

This weight loss is misleading, because the weight will come back as soon as the dieter drinks a reasonable amount of water and ends the diet after the seven day cycle.

The dieter must follow a very restricted daily food regimen while on this diet:

– Day 1 – All the soup you can eat, plus plenty of fruit except bananas. Drink cranberry juice, unsweetened teas or water.

– Day 2 – Soup plus vegetables, except peas, beans and corn. No fruit. For dinner, a baked potato with a little butter.

– Day 3 – Soup, fruits and vegetables only.

– Day 4 – Soup, plus up to 8 bananas and all the skim milk you want.

– Day 5 – Cabbage soup plus 10-20 ounces of lean beef or skinless chicken, plus up to 6 tomatoes. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

– Day 6 – Cabbage soup, all the vegetables you want, plus up to two full steaks. No carbs, fries, etc.

– Day 7 – Cabbage soup, vegetables and brown rice, plus unsweetened fruit juice.

This diet does not encourage the dieter to develop good eating habits. It does not promote a healthy lifestyle that focuses on long-term vitality. No recommendations are made for any type of exercise in this diet. The cabbage soup or Sacred Heart diet is basically a modified fast diet.

Dieters note on many websites that they feel gassiness, lightheadedness, headaches, and other unpleasant effects, plus extreme hunger and some nausea.

Dieters should first visit their doctor, then look for a healthy program that gives them good, balanced nutrition, and suggests proper daily exercise.