Review supports Juvecol salmon extract’s positive aspects for skin health

Juvecol is a patented proteoglycan extract from the cartilage of salmon that reportedly induces the manufacturing of collagen and hyaluronan (a material found in tender connective tissues) and improves the proliferation of keratinocytes (pores and skin cells).

The ingredient was created by Ichimaru Pharcos, a Japanese nutraceutical and cosmeceutical ingredient producer. Maypro is the distinctive agent for this propriety ingredient in the US.


To examine its consequences on skin health, scientists from Ichimaru Pharcos and the Hirosaki University Graduate School of Medicine performed a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 56 healthy male and feminine grown ups complaining of dry pores and skin thanks to air conditioning. For 6 weeks, the salmon proteoglycan (sPG) team was specified an oral complement made up of 5mg of sPG a working day. At the end of the analyze, there was a important maximize in pores and skin moisture written content and TEWL suppression.

Success posted in the journal Japanese Pharmacology & Therapeutics ​supported the pores and skin moisturizing attributes of Juvecol even though preceding posted medical studies show that Juvecol also increases pores and skin elasticity, tone-brightening, roughness and wrinkle reduction. Juvecol has also shown EGF-like activity, and hyaluronic acid and sort I collagen synthesis advertising.

Denis Alimonti, Director of Maypro’s Propriety Branded Ingredient Department says: “This new investigation even further strengthens the scientific substantiation of Juvecol, incorporating to the overall body of solid efficacy information for pores and skin and joint health.”