Revealing the Truth Behind Common Myths Concerning Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners and 10 Misconceptions About Them - Dentistry Today

Do you have crooked teeth? If yes, you can attest that this dental concern is distressing. Notably, with this dental issue, you barely enjoy your favorite meals due to unevenness while chewing. The crooked teeth also interfere with your fluency, thus making you self-conscious, especially when speaking in public. Thanks to the advancement of dentistry, you can now correct those alignment issues through Orlando clear aligners. Despite the popularity of clear aligners, many people continue to misunderstand these devices. Therefore, when anticipating clear aligners treatment, you should understand the truth behind the following myths.

They Only Address Minor Dental Concerns

Some people believe that clear aligners are only effective in correcting mild alignment dental concerns. However, the reality is that these devices can help you even with more severe orthodontic concerns. Although some complex dental problems may need other dental procedures, the clear aligners eventually offer an effective remedy.

Clear Aligners Are Expensive

The high cost of these devices is a major concern for people when seeking treatments. However, clear aligners are relatively affordable compared to other orthodontic devices like braces. In addition, when you consider the long-term benefits of the aligners in improving your alignment issues, you will notice that the seemingly high initial cost is worth it.

The Clear Aligners Cause Discomfort

While you can experience some discomfort after placing the plastic fitting in your mouth,  the discomfort will recede after a few days. Also, the clear aligners do not use the wire and bracket system like the traditional braces. Therefore, when wearing these devices, you have minimal chances of hurting your gum.

Only Adults Can Benefit From Aligners

Many people continue propagating the old ideas claiming that these devices are only for adults. While it is true that the orthodontist does not recommend clear aligners to kids without all teeth, the teenager can wear these aligners to address the alignment concerns. During the appointment, the orthodontist will examine whether the patient is a good candidate for these devices.

Clear Aligners Have Food Restrictions

You may think that you will skip certain meals after getting the clear aligner, but you are mistaken. Unlike traditional braces, you can easily remove the clear aligners from your mouth, thus eating like before. After eating your meals, brush and floss your teeth before wearing the aligners. These measures will help to maintain the aligners’ invisibility.

Clear Aligners Take More Time in Correcting Misaligned Teeth

Some people have claimed that it always takes a long time for your teeth to straighten after getting the clear aligners. The reality is that the time taken to see the improvement depends on the degree of alignment concerns. Therefore, you should be patient when dealing with major alignment concerns since it may take some time.

A crooked tooth is the last thing you may want under the sun. This dental concern causes non-uniformity when chewing. Also, it impairs individuals’ fluency when speaking. Fortunately, the clear aligners can help you alleviate these alignment issues, thus restoring the quality of your life. When seeking clear aligner services, reviewing the above-debunked myths concerning these devices is good. For instance, if you think that they cause discomfort, you will learn that clear aligners do not use an uncomfortable wire system.

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