Probiotics, Friendly Bacteria For Immunity, Health And Vitality

Benefits of friendly bacteria were noted the Nobel Prize laureate, E. Metchnikoff as far as early 1900, when he observed Bulgarians living significantly longer and healthier than people of other countries. He attributed this to the friendly bacteria in the fermented milk products that they consumed regularly. Today, many scientific research and clinical trials have confirmed the endless health benefits of friendly bacteria.

We need friendly bacteria to remain healthy and vibrant, to enjoy clear, blemish free, complexion, robust digestive function, stronger body resistance, and to reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer. There are around 100 trillion bacteria in our intestinal tract itself – that’s more than the number of cells in our entire body. Ideally, probiotics should make up 80% of the total intestinal inhabitants. Unfortunately, it is often not the case for most of us.

Some common symptoms of bad bacteria overgrowth include:

– constipation
– elevated cholesterol level
– headaches
– flatulence
– diarrhea
– body odor
– bad breath
– white vaginal discharge
– food intolerance
– allergies

Left untreated, they can become chronic, as in irritable bowel syndrome and can impair the immune function, leading to other serious illness such as a cancer.

Did you know that 70% of immune functions are actually found within the small intestines? Probiotics function as watchdogs in the intestines to active macrophages and lymphocytes, the white blood cells, to attack and destroy diseases-causing microbes. They also produce several natural antibiotics to inhibit the growth of disease-causing bacteria.

Bad bacteria attach onto the intestinal wall, causing a condition known as “leaky gut”. When this happens, the small, sieve-like holes in the lining of the wall, which normally allow only nutrients to pass through, become enlarged. This allows larger molecules, including partially digested foods to seep into the bloodstream. The immune system then springs into action attacking these larger molecules, causing food intolerance and even allergies. This also burdens the immune system leaving it less resilient against other serious foreign invaders.

The liver binds and neutralizes toxin so that they can be excreted. However, bad bacteria in the intestines are able to break this bond, causing the toxin to be released and reabsorbed into the blood. This can contribute to the development of cancer, not limited to colon cancer, but breast cancer too. Fortunately, friendly bacteria are able to prevent the bad bacteria from breaking down this bond, and help to neutralize toxic metabolites. In addition, probiotics also produce butyric acid, which may curtail cancer caused by dietary nitrosamines found in preserved meats, or produced naturally in the intestinal tract.

Good digestion and absorption is the first and most important path to buoyant health. Probiotics help your body get the most of everything you eat. They clear the spaces between the microvillus, the hair like projections along the wall of the small intestines, thus, enhancing the absorption of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids from the food. Not only does good intestinal flora promote efficient digestion and absorption, it can help inhibits gas and bloating.

Probiotics, when present in sufficient strength, may help reduce cholesterol by inhibiting excessive production of cholesterol, metabolizing cholesterol for energy and breaking it down for easy removal and excretion. They also assist in the breakdown of bile salts to further lower blood cholesterol.

Lackluster eyes, poor skin tone, dull hair or excessive wrinkles are all subtle signs that the body is lacking in probiotics. A healthy elimination system is absolutely essential to good health and beauty, and probiotics effectively improve bowel movement for better waste elimination. When intestinal health is restored, the entire exterior of the body virtually glows and skins problems such as eczema, skin irritations, pimples and breakdown soon subside.

Antibiotics tend to kill indiscriminately – it kills the friendly bacteria along with the bad. Whenever you are prescribed antibiotics you need to take probiotics as well, to counter the negative effects on your digestive system. Drinking chlorinated water, carbonated drinks and coffee, eating meat and poultry laden with antibiotics, processed foods, high fat, high protein diets, low fiber intake, taking antacids and living a stressful lifestyle all destroy the friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. Hence to enjoy all round radiant health, you should take probiotics supplement daily.