Plastic Surgeons – How to Deal With Unsatisfactory Results

With millions of nose jobs and facelifts being performed each year it is no surprise that occasionally a patient will be so dissatisfied that they will seek a re-do. In fact, plastic surgeons have even started advertising their ability to right a wrongly done procedure.

It's one thing if the appearance differs from what was expected, but can be quite another story if a patients' health or well-being is affected, such as experiencing labored breathing following a nose job.

The core issue
Which patients are likely to be happy with the results? Many doctors say those whose expectations are realistic and have researched the procedure are likely to be satisfied with it. Patients who expect little scarring and downtime are usually not satisfied.

Modern advertising has served to create unrealistic expectations. For example, a facelift can not reverse the aging process, so eventually the results will disappear and a patient may feel the need for a touch up.

A professional plastic surgeon will be truthful about whether your desired results are attainable and you are a good candidate for a specific method.

For example, if you can not get the nose job results you seek without it affecting your breathing, the doctor should be honest with you about that. They will also explain what they will do to address your custom needs and issues, rather than just performing the same procedure the same way. Reviewing a plastic surgeon's before and after photos will give you a sense of what techniques they favor and what end results they seek to achieve.

Communication is key
It can be difficult for a patient to communicate exactly what they envision in their mind, particularly when dealing with such small changes like wanting to make their nose "a little" smaller.

You should choose a doctor who spends time questioning you and drawing out information regarding your feelings and needs. You should feel enough of a rapport with them that you are comfortable sharing personal insecurities and fears.

Identifying the right doctor
Seek out a doctor who has extensive experience performing the procedure you are in the market for. Not only that, but ask them questions about their continuing education and how they stay current on advances in that procedure.

When interviewing doctors, also request references so that you can talk with real patients about their experiences and how that plastic surgeon communicated and dealt with any problems after the initial surgery.