Overcoming the Negative Effects of Menopause Through Healthy Living

It is an established fact that the decrease in estrogen levels in any woman experiencing menopause contributes to a wide variety of changes both for the person’s physiological and psychosocial makeup. The hormone responsible for the regulation of the reproductive system, as well as contributing to other feedback mechanisms for internal body balance becomes scarce at this age.

This in effect allows the signs and symptoms of altered body functions to happen. An even poor lifestyle pre menopausal stage contributes highly to contracting these. Nevertheless, there are some ways to effectively retain the balance of the internal systems through a correct lifestyle as tolerated for age.

Hardcore Diet And Exercise

As stated in any book, publication, journal, or anywhere else, diet and exercise are two of the first things to be properly maintained and practiced. Diet goes a very long way in keeping the nutrients and proper interaction of the substances in the body. This diet usually involves a high fiber, low salt and fat diet for a start as the fiber content increases the absorption of fluids in the gastrointestinal tract and promotes good cleansing of bulk in it for effective bowel movement.

Salt decrease in the diet allows less water retention in the system and promotes healthy elimination of waste products. The lessening of fat intake is to have the body properly use up its energy stores instead of having an excess fat level which could cause the liver to overwork, blood to have excess low density lipoprotein levels, and an increase in overall blood cholesterol level.

This would ultimately cause for accumulation of plaques within the blood vessel walls and therefore increase the blood pressure. In some cases, it may also lead to clogs and impairments which could lead to more serious heart and cardiovascular illnesses.

There are several nutritional supplements to aid in the digestion and regulation of nutrient levels in the body. However, it is highly suggested that any person having menopause to not solely rely on these artificial means of supplementing the body with the required components.

Keeping A Positive Outlook

Though emotional outcomes are not directly associated to the physiological nature of being in this halted reproductive stage, having mood swings seems to be the usual observed outcomes in post menopausal women. As a direct advice for women in this situation, keeping in mind that this stage is a normal occurrence would help one’s self to overcome the stress

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