Organic Foods – The Sustainable Diet

Organic Foods provide individuals the opportunity to enjoy a sustainable diet instead of the traditional foods that are devastating to both consumers and the environment. Conventional food is food that is tainted by the plague of industrialization. Industrialization has introduced various ways to improve the yield and profits of farmers. Plants became more resistant to diseases with the help of pesticides. The quantity of produce increased with the help of industrial fertilizers. Weeds were ceased being a problem because of herbicides. And the harvest cycle became shorter with the help of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), products of advancements in genetic engineering.

The various approaches brought about by industrialization in the farming industry were indeed very beneficial for farmers, but the impact on consumers and the environment were the opposite. Pesticides, industrial fertilizers, and pesticides have high chances of leaving behind chemical residues in the produce of the crops that come into contact with. These residues were discounted as harmless before because they are come in very small quantities. Recent studies however have proven that these residues tend to accumulate and become bodily toxins. These toxins can cause different serious health problems such as organ malfunctions and diseases. These toxins are also believed by many experts to be carcinogenic. Organic Foods will spare you of all this poison.

Conventional agriculture also does not spare the environment from the damage. The chemicals contaminate the soil and make its particles loosen. Hence, the rate of erosion is increased exponentially. The chemicals also kill the microorganisms in the soil and harm the worms. Microorganisms and worms are essential in replacing used nutrients in the soil and maintaining its fertility. Without them the soil will soon be void of nutrition and become desolate and unfit for farming. The application of monoculture will also harm the biodiversity of the surrounding ecosystem. All these damage can be prevented by switching to Organic Foods.

Organic Foods are free from the plagues of industrialization. They are free from the various industrial chemicals that disrupt the natural flow of the ecosystem. The population of natural predators of pests is supplemented to fight diseases instead of using pesticides. Compost pits are used to nourish crops in place of industrial fertilizers. Mechanical weeding is employed instead of using herbicides. GMOs are also prohibited. Crop rotation is also applied instead of monoculture. Planting different plant species throughout the year helps maintain soil fertility and preserve biodiversity.