NOHPN organises dental health camps in Kohima, Longleng

National Oral Health Programme Nagaland (NOHPN) organised a free of charge dental health camp on the concept “oral health for healthy life” at Kidima Village Council hall on Friday.
Talking on the concept, director, dental Health & Family Welfare (H&FW), Dr. Theyiephrezo Khimiao mentioned oral health intended holding one’s mouth clean and healthy and that fantastic oral hygiene was necessary for prevention of dental issues.
Dr. Khimiao stressed on preventive factors and urged on the people to make use of the companies brought to them.
Meanwhile, in a short speech, Kidima chairman, Zakito Thol acknowledged the health officers for their initiative.
The programme was chaired by dental surgeon, CHC Viswema, Dr Savi Naleo, invocation by Pastor, Tepewhekho Thokhwe and vote of many thanks was proposed by district oral health officer, Dr. Arenla Walling.
Entirely, 164 individuals have been screened in the free of charge oral camp with 35 common people, 47 less than extraction, 64 underneath restoration (lasting and temporary) alongside with 30 other beneficiaries.
A staff of nine health professionals had been at the camp alongside with a social worker, Achila Walling who sensitised the individuals on the unwell consequences of tobacco and spoke on nicotine alternative therapy.
Longleng: NOHPN organised a dental health camp on June 23, at Major Health Centre (PHC), Bura Namsang, Longleng district.
In a push launch, district media officer, K Mongsen Phom informed that in his keynote tackle, District Hospital Longleng, dental professional, Dr. Bongau Phom highlighted the value of oral cleanliness and how sustaining oral hygiene by brushing two times each day and getting treatment of the tooth could stop oral problems’ this sort of as tooth decay, gingivitis, bad breath, periodontal disorders and so on.
He emphasised on the hazardous results of tobacco and how it results in precancerous and cancerous disorders of the oral cavity.
Even further, Dr. Phom encouraged the community to quit chewing tobacco and smoking in get to reside a extensive and healthy existence.
The dental health camp was carried out by Dr. Lemshikala and Dr. Bongau Phom.
Earlier, welcome speech was shipped by medical PHC Bura Namsang, Dr. Mongmei though the programme was inaugurated by prayer from Bura Namsang Baptist Church pastor, Hamchong.
Entirely, 74 patients availed the dental health products and services.

Dentists attending to the individuals at the camp on Friday. (NP)