Natural MRSA Treatments and Remedies – Is there a Cure?

MRSA treatment using antibiotic drugs is becoming more difficult every year. The CDC warns that the age of antibiotics may soon come to an end as “superbugs” like MRSA become resistant to antibiotics. The occurrence of antibiotic resistance is the result of the ability of bacteria to rapidly adapt to stress, as well as mankind’s overuse and overdependence on these drugs.

Even as new antibiotics are continually being developed for MRSA treatment, the bacteria inevitably develop resistance to the drugs, perpetuating the problem of antibiotic resistance. Because mainstream medicine relies heavily on antibiotics for MRSA treatment, there is a growing interest in alternative MRSA remedies among people who get the infection.
The search for a natural MRSA remedy or a “MRSA cure” leads many MRSA sufferers online in search of antibiotic alternatives. While many alternative MRSA remedies can be quite helpful and effective, there are some key points to consider while assessing any natural MRSA treatments.

A Holistic Approach
MRSA care and treatment is often very challenging because MRSA can be a particularly dangerous, tenacious and recurrence-prone infection. To get the best results from any natural or antibiotic MRSA treatment, it’s best to adopt a holistic approach that addresses the infection on more than one front. Such an approach can include a combination of different MRSA natural remedies, effective prevention and cleaning methods, plus strengthening the body’s natural defenses (or the immune system).  

Boosting the Immune System
Many MRSA natural remedies also boost the immune system. People with a weakened immune system are more likely to become infected with MRSA, suffer recurring MRSA infections, and experience secondary infections and other health challenges. Methods commonly used to strengthen the immune system include proper nutrition and specific dietary changes, taking regular probiotics and immune-supporting supplements, getting regular exercise and practicing stress management.

Natural MRSA remedies
One commonly used MRSA natural remedy is Manuka honey. Manuka honey has been used to treat variety of infections for over 200 years and is very safe and mild. There are different grades of Manuka honey, each with a different therapeutic value for controlling infections.

Another popular MRSA remedy is the use of essential oils. Essential oils of oregano, tea tree, clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and thyme are the most common oils used for natural MRSA treatment, as well as many other types of infection. However, many other essential oils have antibacterial properties as well. Essential oil potency, quality and effectiveness varies widely because there are many different grades, sources and processing methods for essential oils.

Herbs, spices and special plant-based extracts and preparations provide another natural MRSA treatment option. Grapefruit seed extract, garlic, turmeric and other herbs have anti-bacterial properties that have been used as natural infection treatments for hundreds of years. In particular, garlic contains the chemical allicin that has proven to be a potent, broad spectrum antimicrobial against resistant strains of MRSA in a UK human clinical study. Colloidal silver is also a potent antibacterial agent used as a MRSA remedy. Colloidal silver is effective at killing MRSA bacteria in laboratory studies and is generally safe and non-toxic if the right type of suspension is used.

Responsible Use of Natural MRSA treatments
Even though natural remedies are often very safe with few side effects, care should be taken when using any natural MRSA treatment. Proper use of any MRSA remedy, whether natural remedies (or antibiotics), should be understood and followed. Some people may have an allergy or be sensitive to a particular herb, oil, antibiotic or other MRSA remedy. Small children, women who are pregnant and people with preexisting health conditions may require special adjustments and precautions with some alternative MRSA treatments. There may be other contraindications and special requirements for a particular MRSA remedy, depending on the individual circumstances.

Before starting any natural MRSA treatment program, it is best to first consult with a knowledgeable doctor. Most traditional medical doctors are unfamiliar with natural MRSA remedies and many doctors discount and discourage natural medicine of any kind. However, the guidance of a doctor can help gauge the success of alternative methods and monitor the infection in case symptoms grow worse. Holistic medical doctors and naturopathic doctors can be a valuable asset when using natural MRSA treatments because they are very knowledgeable about holistic and alternative medicine. Fortunately, in an age where antibiotics are failing, there are safe and effective natural approaches for overcoming MRSA.