Natural Fat Blocker Remedies For Weight Loss

Did you know that there are several natural remedies that act as potent fat blockers? Here are five herbs that should be a part of your diet if you want to lose weight.

Licorice: This miracle herb not only helps to ward of viral infections but it also acts as a potent anti bacterial medication. It reduces cholesterol and blood sugar level. It prevent fat intake because it is works as fat blocker. It is particularly beneficial if you are trying to lose weight because it helps to prevent hunger pangs, ideally, chew on a piece of licorice the first in the morning and anytime you feel hungry.

Aloe Vera: Legend has it that even Queen Cleopatra used this miracle herb in her beauty regimen. The herb has several beneficial properties and one among them is weight loss. Drink a glass of fresh Aloe Vera juice to enjoy the health benefits.

Brewer’s Yeast: Consuming a little bit of this ingredient the first thing in the morning will give you a feeling of being full and satiated through out the day. It is a very potent ingredient to control cravings and so is ideal for weight loss.

Yohimbe: This herb helps to curb your appetite and boost metabolism. It also helps in the speedy oxidation of fat making it an excellent weight loss herb.

Revealed the low fat diet myth and how do fat blockers help?

People often wonder if low fat diets are worth the pain. And there is only one way to answer this question, as far as your health is concerned, moderation is the key to be safe. In a low fat diet you are almost eliminating the consumption of fat which can be very dangerous. The diet is often accompanied by irritating side effects like headaches, nausea, lethargy, a feeling of weakness etc. Fat is essential nutrient and your body needs it so removing it from your diet entirely can have grave consequences.

Even though a low fat diet may work in the beginning and it seem like you have lost weight but this is just due to the loss of fluids; in the long run there is very little weight loss. You can reduce fat intake by taking fat blockers thus you can eat carbohydrates rich food. Your body needs carbohydrates to bind with the small fat particles and assist in their digestion.

Low fat diet leads to dehydration and reduced fiber intake both of these factors cause constipation and lead to irregular waste elimination from the body. This in turn can cause other disorders.

So if you are still wondering about the safety of low fat diets. ‘No’ a low fat diet is not the healthy way to lose weight. As a matter of fact it can get potentially dangers and extremely monotonous.

Another tip is to grab some fruits or other diet food items right before your dinner date. This way you are ensuring that you don’t eat too much of the fat and sugar laden food. Also avoid alcohol and stick to water; this is another way to cut back on those calories.