Natural Cures and Remedies Can Have Side Effects

Maybe you never heard that natural cures and remedies can sometimes have side effects! Why?

Here are the times when this can happen.

When a person is:

  • overweight
  • has frequent colds or flu
  • has a history of prescription or recreational drugs
  • frequently consumes fatty and/or prepackaged processed foods
  • drinks lots of sodas or consumes other sugary drinks
  • consumes foods with artificial colors or chemicals on a regular basis
  • Or when a chronic illness is present

There are many ways to detox the body. Some good and some not worth the money they cost. From my experience, I find a “detoxing diet” to be most effective, least costly and fastest way to get results with less side effects, while bringing the body to an alkalized state, where cancer and fat can’t grow.

Yes, there can be side effects for those who are severely and sometimes even mildly toxic.

Symptoms of a detoxing reaction can be:

  • lethargy
  • temporary all-over muscle aching
  • watery stools
  • stomach cramping
  • mucous or other discharge
  • a coated pasty tongue
  • light-headedness when standing
  • headaches and flu-like symptoms in general

A detoxing reaction may take the form of some of the old symptoms that were previously suppressed by prescription drugs. You may feel sick and think your “natural cures” are not working… Also, detoxing can cause rashes; some all over, others limited to the upper part of the body, including the head! The detoxing process is absolutely essential to achieve health and should never be suppressed with drugs.

Unfortunately, many people will stop their detoxing program when symptoms start and they never achieve good health!

Don’t think the conventional medical establishment is open minded to detoxing. They assume that any symptoms by the body are caused by a microbe, so antibiotics are usually prescribed even if they think the causative reason is a virus.

Medical antibiotics have NO effect on viruses, other than weakening the immune system. This only makes viruses can reproduce more. Antibiotics and other drugs suppress detoxing, the immune system as well as good intestinal flora.

They’ll tell you that there’s “no evidence” that detox diets have any health benefits. (Then in the very sentence, they’ll talk about detoxing for drugs, alcohol, metabolic and diet.)

What I’ve seen over the years of recommending detoxing for healing is that there are many forms of detoxing that will work. Unfortunately, no long term effects will ever be achieved if personal eating habits, bathing habits and medication are not ceased. Detoxing will be a wasted effort and there will be no long term health benefit.

Are You Experiencing Any Of These Health Issues?

Toxic Blood: Toxins are constantly seeping into the bloodstream and tissue from foods, lotions, shampoos, cleaning materials and air. This eventually causes serious health problems.

A polluted, malnourished stomach and intestinal tract is the perfect environment for parasites and worms. In this environment, the rampant incidence of diseases like cancer, heart disease, thyroid diseases, reproductive system dysfunction and diabetes can run rampant.

People suffering from out of control allergies fall into the same group. All of these can be attributed to a sick intestinal track which makes for a severely weakened immune system.

The ground our foods are grown in have eroded and lost the nutrients that were once there. Then, with the added pesticides, insecticides, genetically engineered foods and fertilizers stealing nutrients from the body, it’s easy to understand why we need to detox with natural cures. Add to that all the processed prepackaged, sugary foods consumed, you can only have billions of malnourished sick people…

Most are totally unaware they are suffering from a degree of malnutrition.

Obesity is rampant because people try to satisfy the body’s cravings for nutrients they’re not getting from their diets. Illness sneaks up on people since the body appears to be healthy long before it’s detected.

Intestines Not Able To Filter and Digest

Digestion begins with the stomach and when the digestive enzymes don’t exist in the proper balance, a problem exists which prevents foods from getting into the intestinal tract.

When people take Tums, Rolaids, Prilosec and other antacids, the necessary digestive enzymes are diminished. Those acids are necessary for proper digestion and mixing before going into the intestinal area!

When the intestines have mucoid plaque built up without the proper stomach acids to break down the foods, a serious interference with the digestive process happens.

Even if a thin layer of the mucoid plaque is present, one could have sluggish peristaltic movement action which causes constipation. Constipation causes a very sick body when the intestines cannot absorb the nutrients.

If you have very firm bowel movement, once a day or less and have a putrid bowel odor, you may have an intestinal absorption problem! Stools should have only a slight odor if the body is absorbing properly and a fairly loose bowel movement should occur within an hour after each meal.

Absorbing nutrients: The formation of intestinal mucoid layers makes it more difficult for food and nutrients to be absorbed.

Real detoxing starts in the stomach and intestines

Polluted intestines become blocked preventing absorption of the necessary nutrients in foods! In the past these problems didn’t exist like they do today. The numbers of prescribed drugs being consumed have created severe malnourishment and illnesses

The 3-Step Plan using natural cures and remedies that can speed you to better health!

Detox: A good intestinal cleansing program is one that cleanses the mucoid plaque, increases nutrient absorption and improves peristaltic action that grows healthy cells…

Enemas are the best way to start when there’s a need to get “jump start” a detoxification plan. Here’s a good one to use.

Lugol’s Enema

Add ¼ tsp (25 drops) of Lugol’s iodine to 1 pint of very warm water; pour into Fleet bottles (giving yourself several doses), or enema apparatus. Administer enema slowly and hold internally as long as possible. Cold water will cause spasms and inability to hold it. Prepare only a cup the first time; do not force yourself to hold more than is comfortable.

Black Walnut Enema

Add 1 tsp of Black Walnut Hull Extra-Strength, to 1 pint of very warm water. Repeat as above.

2. Healthy diet:
Eat lots of raw fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts, making sure to chew well and take your daily supplements as prescribed.

3. Helping The Body Produce Health Building Nutrients: Get at least 20 minutes a day of direct sunshine to as much of the naked body as possible. This will produce life enhancing vitamin D and cleansing circulatory help.

4. Lots of purified/filtered water to balance the pH: The organs require clean filtered/purified water daily. Water is needed to help balance pH – mix 1 Tablespoon Baking Soda to a gallon of filtered/purified water – drink a minimum of 6 to 8 eight ounce glasses a day.  pH or alkalized body is absolutely necessary in treating or preventing illness and disease.