Natural Antibiotics For Acne – Going Natural Against Acne

Natural antibiotics are very underrated when it comes to treating acne. With all the side effects that the medical antibiotics carry while treating your acne, it may be a good choice to switch medical antibiotics to natural antibiotics. Research on long term consumption of medical antibiotics has shown a greater chance of bacterial tolerance and a degraded liver functionality. Currently you might not know what are the best natural antibiotics for acne and how to use them to your advantage, but I assure you that after reading this article you will know just exactly how to treat your acne without expensive and ineffective acne medication.

What I am about to reveal to you is so powerful that you can just stop taking or using any special cleansers, cream, antibiotics, over the counter medications and so on.

The big secret of natural antibiotics for acne

We use antibiotics to kill acne causing bacterias. We have been using those pills or topical gel for such a long time effectively that it is very hard to ignore just how good they are at treating acne. But what most of us do not know yet is that antibiotics of natural sources exist and still do the job similarly well, if not better, than medical antibiotics.

Wondering what are the best natural antibiotics? Some of the best of these include ginger, turmeric, onions and the similar kinds of plant in the family. They are very good for your health if you just consume them regularly. My personal experience with these herbal remedies has told me that these most overlooked herbs can do a lot more than those conventional acne products or medications.

I have since then stopped using any expensive medicine and products after consuming these magical herbs. In other words I have saved at least a five thousand dollars on medical treatment, cleansers, pills, creams and other so called proactive acne solution.

How to use these magical herbs effectively:

  • You make juices out of them and drink glasses of these herbs as frequent as possible. Since there are no side effects, only positive effect you can expect your body to feel better after drinking these juices. I recommend that you pick one herb that you most like among these herbs and drink them as juices regularly, preferably 3 times a day or more.
  • You can add these herbs to your food.

Basically, it is more effective to drink pure juices of these natural herbs.

Ginger, turmeric, onion and other herbs in this family are very effective at killing harmful bacterias, including those that cause acne. Without any side effects, you can consume them with a sense of relief knowing that they would not cause any long term harm to your body. These herbs also will improve your immune system as well as regulate your hormone system. Both of these aspects are very important to any part of your body, let alone your skin and acne condition.

With an improved immune system, you body itself will be able to kill acne causing bacterias as well as many many other benefits. And a balanced hormone system will reduce the production of sebum and the chances of the formation of hormonal acne.

Keep in mind that before you go on and try other expensive treatments and medications that are advertised heavily on the TV and magazines, give this treatment option a try too. Just for a month and you can expect your face and acne condition to improve a lot. I am handing you a greater and better solution than what you can get for the expensive acne medications.