NABH International Takes Off with Seminar Workshop on Accreditation for Healthcare Providers

Committed to spreading its mission of promoting a higher level of quality
in healthcare, NABH-International, through its Philippine representative
HealthCORE, will be holding a Seminar Workshop for hospitals, clinics,
diagnostic centers, spas, wellness centers, blood banks, community centers,
and other small healthcare organizations.

Entitled “Introduction to International Accreditation Standards: An
Approach towards Quality Services and Patient Safety in Healthcare
Organizations and Wellness Centers”, the event, to be held on November 8
and 9, 2010 at the Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center in Ortigas, Pasig
City, will discuss methods and best practices for institutions and
organizations to achieve world-class standards.

A gathering of hospital and spa owners, administrators, quality personnel,
medical professionals, nursing supervisors, professionals and practitioners
in the healthcare and wellness industries, the Seminar Workshop will
educate participants on how they can improve the conditions, systems,
processes and skills of their facilities and professionals.

“The heart of healthcare is providing excellent services and treatments to
patients. The seminar workshop will pave the way for healthcare and
wellness providers to achieve this goal,” said NABH Deputy Director Dr. BK
Rana, who was recently elected as president of the Asian Society for
Quality Healthcare (ASQua).

Workshop participants will learn about the difference between
accreditation and certification, the benefits of acquiring international
accreditation, its importance in medical tourism and health insurance
portability, and the accreditation process. It will train attendees on how
their facilities can be at par with word-class healthcare organizations and
how they can attract foreign patients and international insurance plans.

Developed and successfully implemented in India, NABH has been accredited
by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) under its
International Accreditation Program in 2008—one of the few accrediting
organizations in the world to achieve this recognition. ISQua is an
international body which grants approval to healthcare accreditation
programs as a seal of excellence.

According to Dr. Girdhar J. Gyani, CEO of NABH-International and Director
of ISQua, “This is an opportunity for hospitals, clinics, spas and
healthcare organizations in the Philippines to benchmark with the best in
the world. International accreditation is an essential and necessary step
towards being globally competitive.”

“It is a privilege for the Philippines to be the first international
venture of NABH, subsequent to its successful implementation in India.
Through NABH, the quality of healthcare delivery in India has vastly
improved, which helped us become one of the leading providers of healthcare
in the world. Through our partnership with HealthCORE, we will be able to
carry out the same mission in the Philippines,” said Dr. Sanjiv Malik,
International Advisor on the Board of NABH and Executive Director of DM
Healthcare Group in UAE.

NABH International’s accreditation process entails onsite visits and
facility tours to assess if standards on access, care of patients,
management of medication, patient rights and infection control are met.
Standards on continuous quality improvement, good governance, facility
safety, human resources and information management system are likewise
evaluated by highly qualified and well-trained assessors comprised of
clinicians, healthcare administrators and nursing supervisors.