My Most Memorable In-Home Caregiver Experience With Kathy

I was introduced to senior caregiver tasks at the age of 10 with helping to assist my grandmother. She depended on me for support during her stages of dementia. When I moved to Los Angeles, CA, I didn’t know that you could create relationships of all kinds with seniors and an income too. I have gained so much wisdom and even a more health conscious lifestyle. They make me a better person every time I get the chance to share time with them.

One senior caregiver experience I want to share with you came about a year or so ago when I met the late Kathy Morganstern. She was in an assisted living facility and I was so nervous because I didn’t know if she would like me or if I was good enough to care for her. She already had help with another caregiver and I was the weekend gal pal. I introduced myself for the first time and before I knew it, she became the best friend I sometimes feel I really never had. I found myself, eventually, being able to talk to her about anything. She was full of realism and posture. She didn’t make anything I felt or wanted seem out of reach. She always listened wisely and gave me her take on it.

However, times go by and things change. She became ill and had to be put in another facility, but although I wasn’t needed any longer, I still popped by on holidays and birthdays to see how she was doing. My intuition and thoughts wouldn’t let me leave her side completely. When she finally passed away I felt the loss very hard and wished I could’ve let her know how much I really loved her from a caregiver perspective, but mostly as my best friend. I know she understand though and there is no more pain she has to suffer any longer in this life. I’m happy and full of joy because of that.

Kathy Morganstern is one of my senior caregiver experiences that truly make it an honor and privilege to non-medically care for others and continue my passion to make sure that everyone, whether senior or youth, have quality healthcare. It is a passion that I believe in so dearly and hope that through this caregiver experience, will inspire you to look at that friend or relative you hold dear to you and find out if they have healthcare. You are the voice that will lead them to a healthier life and I hope that minute will be the best you’ve ever had with them.