Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

August 15, 2019 Off By Dante Filyaw

With the forward march of science and technology, the maximum possible speeds of the automobiles in the market are increasing by the day. With each passing day, the number of people dying and getting injured due to motor vehicle crash accidents has been increasing exponentially. Even the latest regulations have not been very successful in ridding our world of this menace. Read more here Car Accident Attorney Philadelphia

Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

Fortunately, the law provides a system of redress for people who are injured due to the negligence of other people while driving on the road. If you have suffered a car accident injury in any way due to someone else’s carelessness on the road, you can file for a motor vehicle accident claim. Under the law of negligence, if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident that is caused by the driver of another vehicle or the driver of the vehicle in which you are a passenger, you have the right to claim damages compensation for the losses you have suffered because of the injury.

Damages Compensation

Claims for damages compensation are not required to be commenced in court in the first instance, but are instead subject to a “pre court” procedure under the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994. This is essentially a notification and negotiation process, which is designed to try and resolve your claim before it is necessary to commence in court. Only if the so-called pre court process is unsuccessful in resolving your claim is it necessary to commence a claim in court. In addition to this, once you have notified your claim it is possible that the third party insurer against which the claim is made may provide rehabilitation services in advance of the finalisation of the claim.

Car Accident Lawyers

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