All bodybuilders want to have the biggest arms possible. The arms and chest is what defines a bodybuilder and the bigger the better. So actually building the arms is quite a high priority in most bodybuilding workout routines. But there is far more than just doing bicep curls as those will only help to build the biceps.

Spending lots of time on the triceps, which are the muscles at the back of the arm, will actually cause the arms to appear larger. The triceps are larger than the biceps so will need more training to build them up. But the effort will be worth it because once they start to grow, the size of the arms will change dramatically.

Close grip bench presses are great for working the tricep muscles. Just be sure to have someone overlooking whilst you exercise as you will be relying on the triceps to be able to get that last press so you can rest.

Biceps can be trained by the regular bicep curl and other more concentrated bicep exercises like the reverse curl or the bicep twist. These help to gain the extra definition and growth and not just build mass on the main bicep itself.

Nutrition is a major factor in building muscle as you probably already know. You’ll need to be consuming lots of protein to help the muscles grow and also a large amount of carbs to ensure you are getting the energy you need to train hard enough to get the muscle growth you need.

Building bigger arms is all about consuming the right balance of nutrition and making sure you are training each muscle correctly. A variation in exercises is great for ensuring the muscles can grow both in width and in length. That is the key for having big arms to be proud of.