Menopause and Healthy Living

How will you keep a firm grip on the affects of “the change,” if you are not making any lifestyle changes? No, this is not a trick question; rather a serious question for you to ask yourself. Menopause can be treated and the symptoms can be kept to a minimum but it takes a lot of hard work and time on your part. In this article, you will be able to identify healthy living habits and hopefully use them in your everyday lives.

You can make significant changes with your menopausal state by becoming more physically active. No ladies, get your minds out of the gutter, I am talking about through exercise. Exercise allows your body to use muscles that you no longer were aware worked, boost your energy levels and improve your health and mood. It is very common for a woman to go through menopause and have the need to change their daily activities and health habits while they are going through “the change” simultaneously.

How much do you weight? As a woman, that is one very touchy question that we seldom like to avoid. Realistically do you know how much you weigh? Do you know what your ideal weight is for a person your age, with your weight and height? This is extremely important to know so that you can have a general idea of the way you should look. I always tell people that we are all unique in design. What this really spells out to is do not expect to look like the person next to you, at the age and height that they are. We were all made different for a reason. I can assure you that if I check my weight and height for my age, it will more than likely say that I am obese. Am I obese? No.

Making better eating choices and watching what goes in your mouth will definitely improve your health. Now is the time to start drinking more water, counting your calories, watching your fat intake and consuming smaller portions of food. I definitely do not want you to become some health freak who begins to starve themselves or overeat in order to vomit later on. No, I want you to develop and continue healthy eating habits that can help you reduce the risks of other conditions like heart disease which can be linked to menopause. I cannot be by your side monitoring you everyday so I am trusting you to do the right thing. Do not let yourself and everyone else who cares for you down. Your life depends on it.