Meal Replacement Shakes for Kids

Kids are often reluctant to eat healthy food because they are too choosy when it comes to eating the right amount or type of food. Making meal replacement shakes a part of the daily routine is not only beneficial for adults, it is beneficial for kids as well. Its usage depends entirely on what results you want from it. Meal replacement shakes serves both purposes: either you want your kids to gain weight or you want them to lose weight.

Shakes Help Your Kids Gain Weight

In relation to their age, some kids weigh less. Pediatricians suggest that parents make some efforts in terms of increasing their kid’s weight. Therefore, it is time that you intervene in your kid’s nutrition intake if your kid’s pediatrician has suggested you to do so. Your child’s health may be below the growth curve.

In this regard, meal replacement shakes contribute well in terms of boosting nutrient density as well as calories. You can either make these shakes at home or you can buy these from Shakeology.

If you want to prepare a meal replacement shake at home, keep in mind that most kids are reluctant to eat food that is rich in protein, calcium, iron, omega-3 fats, and vitamin D. So make sure that you include high-calorie ingredients in the shake that serve the purpose of the above mentioned nutrients for your kids.

Some of these food sources that can be added in the meal replacement shakes are ingredients such as fresh fruits, peanut butter, low-fat yogurt, sugar, and low fat milk. To sweeten the shake more, you can also add fresh pomegranate juice.

Shakes Also Help Your Kids Lose Weight

Some parents find it difficult to get rid of their kids’ weight issues. Their excess weight might result from overeating. However, meal replacement shakes fight well with child obesity. Research reveals that children who eat breakfast are more likely to get good grades in school. In addition to that, children who eat breakfast are less likely to gain weight. It indicates that breakfast can be replaced by shakes.

You need to prepare a low-calorie shake for your kid. For overweight kids, you can use fruit-based shakes because this is the best choice for your kids that can consume instead of their breakfast. But some kids do not enjoy drinking meal replacement shakes made from fruit. In order to serve them shakes for breakfast, you can add peanuts in their shakes. Secondly, you can also try meal replacement shakes from Shakeology.

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