Master Cleanse Diet Helped Beyonce Lose 20 Pounds

Master Cleanse Diet has gained popularity among the celebrities and helped them lose weight.

Beyonce Knowles, the rising star, appeared some time ago on the Oprah Winfrey Show with some of the other cast members of the motion picture film she would appear in called Dreamgirls. She knew she would have to lose some weight quickly as she was playing the role of Deena Jones, a slender singer who is based on Diana Ross.

There was just one thing to do. Beyonce decision was based on her nutritionist, “My nutritionist suggested the only way to do that was the maple syrup diet fast, As soon as it was over, I gained the weight back.” Hence, Beyonce embarked on the Master Cleanse diet.

Although this diet is often referred to as a fast, it is not a complete fast. One can consume up to 1,300 calories from the sugars in the ingredients that the Master Cleanser diet says to prepare.

An interesting side note is that this diet was first developed in 1940 as a stomach ulcer cure. Stanley Burroughs, who wrote The Master Cleanser, claimed that it was used not only for curing ulcers and for weight loss, but would correct all kinds of disorders.

It is also commonly known as the “Master Cleanse Lemonade Fast”. This is a ten day fast that was first developed by Stanley Burroughs that was used for the purposes of detoxification and weight loss.

The main health benefit of the Master Cleanser diet is that a person can lose those unwanted pounds! It also serves to cleanse and detoxify the colon. Besides that, there are no other known health benefits to this diet.

Though Beyonce did not follow the diet as strictly as possible because she ate vegetables while she followed the Master Cleanser fast. This fast usually consists of nothing more than drinking a concoction of fresh lemon or limejuice, maple syrup and water that has cayenne pepper mixed in it. This is consumed approximately 6 – 12 times daily along with an herbal laxative tea that is consumed twice a day. No other food is to be consumed.

After she ended her stint on this maple syrup diet, she was happy to get back to the real world of eating regular food. Of course, all of the weight that she had lost for the part in Dreamgirls came back as soon as she went off the “diet”.

As for how she felt while on the Master Cleanser diet fast, Beyonce confessed to Oprah, “I was cranky. People were eating Krispy Kreme Doughnuts around me.”

Other notable celebrities who have been connected with the Master Cleanser diet are Robin Quivers, Jared Leto, Ashanti and Trina.

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People who need to lose weight in a hurry for a social function or any other reason, can try the Master Cleanser diet. People who have done so proclaim the positive weight loss effects of this diet. Anyone considering following this diet should speak with a healthcare professional prior to beginning.

Women who are pregnant should not follow it. People with health conditions such as diabetes need to be monitored during the diet if the healthcare professional approves it. Caution should be taken whenever drastic changes are made to a person’s diet.

As the show came to an end, Beyonce mentioned that “I would never recommend it to anyone unless you are doing a movie and it’s necessary, and you have proper help.”