The depression effects can be very negative. This impact will be clearly seen in one’s personal life. The major effects of this depression will be the marriage life, work, home life and friendships. For example, take the burden of living with a depressed spouse. The quality of the relation can be affected to a very large extend by the unhappy spouse.

When this small depression is left untreated, they will eventually grow into a big clinical depression. When one of the partners suffers from such major depression, it is very likely that the other partner is also drawn into this depression. The percentage of the other partner getting depressed is very high.

The unhappy marriages and mental health are very closely entwined. The bad effects of major depression are not limited to a depressed partner. They will not be able to experience effects of their life like happiness, contentment, satisfaction etc. this will end up in social withdrawal and loneliness.

When your life partner is very depressed, all your days and emotions will be colored grey. You will be living for the sake of living. Both of the partners will not be able to enjoy their lives. They will always be seeing the world with their depressed eyes. In total life can be very harmfully affected if any one of the partners are depressed.

Therefore it is very significant that both the partners remain happy for the happiness of the other. One of common treatments for depression is self help. One person’s happiness can make the other happy and one person’s depression can leave the other also depressed. So away remain happy and stay away from depression.