Low Glycemic Foods – List of Right Foods for Diabetics

Glycemic index or GI is basically numerical system of measuring the effects of carobohydrae triggering the rise in blood sugar levels. Low glycemic foods causes small rise and high glycemic food will result in dramatic spike in blood sugar level. That is why low glycemic foods are essential for diabetics.

Whether low glycemic foods for diabetics are suggested by the treating physician for existing diabetics symptoms or for weight loss; switching to the low glycemic diet from the high glycemic foods may not be as difficult as one conceives.In fact the low glycemic index meal plans can contain a variety of glycemic foods that you not only enjoy but also are very useful for the diabetics. In addition one can always find out new combinations of low glycemic recipes with weight loss plan that can keep the body lean, trim, and healthy.

But what does the term low glycemic foods for diabetics mean? Low glycemic cookbook will usually contain all the details about the low gi foods and low gi snacks that one can use to constitute glycemic diet meal plan that will help them prevent blood sugar spike and help control blood sugar in diabetics.

People that are running the risk of diabetics and in search of low glycemic foods may find the glycemic index very helpful for preparing low gi diet that works really well for people with diabetes. On the other hand it can also help in preparation of glycemic diet for weight loss.  However, people not concerned with diabetics and only looking for weight loss with low glycemic foods may consider counting calories rather than glycemic index.

Question that comes to one’s mind after learning all these is how to prepare a low glycemic diet. Usually there are three levels of the glycemic index. Low or the best levels of glycemic foods, the index will remain around 55 or less. Glycemic foods ranking 56-69 are considered medium level and that ranking 70 or above are high glycemic foods. It is obvious that the last type is worst for anyone’s health.

Common constituents of low glycemic foods for diabetics are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Processed food that is included in the list of high glycemic foods should be avoided if one desires to avoid diabetics and remain in good health. Even white bread should be avoided as they have glycemic foods index. Pastas are better but sauce is something that needs to be avoided. Lamb meat, beef, pork, and ham with hot dogs are another combination to be avoided. These foods contain high glycemic foods index and are harmful for diabetics as they dramatically spark of rise in blood sugar levels.

Glycemic diet meals plans are not only good for diabetics and other ailments but also for substantial weight loss.

Controlling blood sugar levels is an art. If you want to be an expert in it, you should know the full details of Diabetes Foods to Eat AND Diabetes Foods to Avoid