Great way to make a healthy recipe, low fact cake. For other variations try the following: Diet Sprite or 7-Up with a white or yellow cake mix. Diet Cherry 7 Up or Diet Cherry Coke with a strawberry cake mix. Take mixture (just the diet soda and cake mix mixed well) and bake in the oven according to the directions on the cake box (do not add any other ingredients!). While the healthy recipe cake is baking, defrost your Fat-Free or Sugar-Free Cool Whip. Mix it with the pudding mix until well blended. Choose a pudding mix flavor that will go well with your cake flavor – chocolate, vanilla, mint chocolate, etc. After blending, refrigerate mixture. Your healthy recipe is almost ready.

Pre-heat oven to temperature listed on cake mix box. Spray cake pan with non-stick spray. I like to use Pam high temp spray. Mix any flavor Cake Mix with any flavor Diet Pop in large bowl. (Do NOT add any other ingredients listed on box.) I like Better Crocker’s Yellow cake mix with Diet Sprite, but I have heard that Chocolate cake with Dr. Pepper is good, too. I say it is worth a try! Pour into cake pan and bake for time listed on cake mix box according to size and type of cake pan you are using. Let cool, then frost with fat free cool whip. You will need to keep the cake in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve to keep the frosting from melting. This healthy recipe is that easy. Plus, it is really good. No one will know that it is low fat.

After cake cools, “frost” with the Cool Whip mixture, which is totally delicious! Don’t worry if, while the cake sits out a bit, that the Cool Whip mixture becomes a little runny – just don’t let it melt too much! Refrigerate cake for repeat use. The next day after you make this, the Cool Whip texture will be different, but safe to eat (as long as it has been refrigerated) and just as yummy (you may even find you like this texture better than the normal Cool Whip texture – I do!)