Apart from having a clear and well-moisturized skin and shiny, healthy hair, a strong and healthy toenail is part of the package. So for that toenail fetish, Dr. Chris Milkie of the Mayfair Foot Ckinic has something to say about it. According to Dr. Milkie, the first thing that you should do is to assess and observe what kind of toenails you have. For those who are suffering from discoloration and flaky toenails, visit your podiatrist for a comprehensive treatment plan. And if you have toenail fungus and other foot problems, then laser treatment is an option for you. And if you happen to have a clean and healthy appearing toenail, then these simple tips will do the rest in achieving that healthy, strong and beautiful toenails.

The first step is to maintain your feet clean and dry. You can achieve this by wearing dry and clean socks and changing it as soon as you get home. And if you have this condition of over perspiring, better to have an extra pair of socks in your bags always. Excess moisture in your feet could result to unwanted toenail fungus and could also result to weaker and flaky nails.

The next concern with toenails is to encourage healthy growth. Though there is no concrete evidence that it can grow nails rapidly, there are still great treatments that are found the market that encourage healthy nail growth. Certain brands like Hansen and OPI offers product essentials to help speed up and strengthen nails’ growth process, therefore reducing chipping and peeling which is a great thing. To achieve the promised healthier nails, just layer their products under the colored nail polishes. What you aim will be achieved after few months of usage.

Just like we always hear, prevention is better than cure, and thinking of preventing nail problems like toe nail fungus and warts will surely give you a positive outlook and confidence since you do have achieved healthy and beautiful toenails instead! Aside from keeping our feet clan and dry, is constant vigilance, always wear shoes or flip flops specially if we are in a public facility – say gym locker rooms or hotel bathrooms. The moist that can be found in such facilities is where possible viruses such as toenail fungus and human papilloma virus and HIV can be found.

So say goodbye to yellow toe nails and stick to these tips on how to get rid of yellow toenails