Keep Your Healthy Smile Happy

March 18, 2017 Off By Dante Filyaw

Teeth are funny things. I found that out the hard way after looking for dental implants in Greenwood Village after slipping and falling off a ladder while trying to clean out my gutters. I fell in such a way that I broke my jaw and lost a couple of teeth. There are few horrors like spitting out a mouthful of blood and teeth and seeing them sitting there on the pavement. Scary. I think my wife took it harder than I did though since she fainted right off when she saw the mess on the ground. Poor woman.

When she finally came around she helped me look for a clinic online that could take me in right away. We put the teeth in a glass of milk and headed over for an emergency appointment. I was hoping the dentist could reattach the teeth, but unfortunately that was not to be due to damage to the actual lost teeth. What he did recommend was replacing them with dental implants. The only thing I knew about implants is that they were expensive and that you had to have healthy bone structure to support them. The latter wasn’t the problem. It was the cost I worried about.

Fortunately I was able to strike a payment plan for two implants, which the dentist was able to install a few days after my tumble. He knocked me out and when I woke up the gap in my smile was gone, replaced by two implants that matched the color of my other teeth perfectly. I had to wait a few days before eating anything hard, but that was really the only setback with the implants. I recommend people look into these implants if they have the means to afford them. You won’t be able to tell a difference once they’re in your mouth.