Isagenix Reviews, Problems, Health and Wellbeing Issues

Recently I read a few totally misleading reviews on Isagenix cleansing problems and I wanted to clarify a few misunderstandings.

I have no association with Isagenix or any of its opposition. This is a completely independent report on Isagenix, its merchandise, as well as the business opportunity.

Being a former personal trainer and present networking entrepreneur, I felt it was time a non-bias review be written to assist you in making an informed decision and save you from a number of the pit falls numerous network marketing owners tumble into.

There is no questioning the quality of Isagenix’s products and surprisingly enough, they can be bought at a fair price. In fact, they are the first nutritional company I have reviewed that sells their products through network marketing that wasn’t just ridiculously overpriced.

Even with a great product and competitive pricing, a great deal of Isagenix independent representatives are seriously struggling to realize any lasting success with the business.

There are two main reasons causing 97% of Isagenix representatives to fail.

1. There is so much competition to contend with. It seems like every day, a new latest and greatest weight loss, diet, cleansing, energy boosting, pill, juice, potion, shake, or bar is being added to the market with scientific proof and testimonials to back it up.

The fact is that even though there’s an enormous gap between the nutritional supplements available at the local marketplace and the far most efficient products that may be bought at any decent online health foods retailer and shipped to your door, nothing separates one companies great product from another.

I can’t even count how many one-of-a-kind elite “multi-vitamin” brands I have tried through the years and even though there were a few I liked more than some others, it was nothing more than personal preference that probably boiled more down to the name, color, or smell of the vitamin than any real differences I felt.

Finding a market to work with that has fewer competitors is a big bonus in my book but even with all the tough competition Isagenix faces, some of their reps are easily exceeding six figure profits a year so there is obviously an even bigger factor holding you back from success.

2. If you’re currently in Isagenix or have ever been a part of any other network marketing company, then you already know very well what the first thing you get told to do is, MAKE A LIST OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

But The difficulty is that your friends and family aren’t interested in your fantastic “opportunity”. Perhaps you’ll get a couple of them if you’re lucky but guess what? They probably know most of the same other folks as you which suggests ¾ of their friends and family list is already off the board before they even got started.

Suddenly you find yourself spending more money on your products each month then you are making in sales and because you’re out of leads, you get discouraged and frustrated.

What if I told you there’s a way to tap into a never ending flow of highly targeted leads which are already looking to join you and your opportunity?

The search engines like yahoo and google receive over 4 million searchers per day by individuals looking for a home business to join. Learning the strategy to tap into even a tiny portion of those millions of people can bring you more leads than you know what to do with. Seriously!

The best part is that it is not difficult to do, IF you are taught the right strategies.

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