Is drinking reverse osmosis water unhealthy?

Since when was drinking purified water unhealthy? Can water ever be too pure to drink? These are the types of questions you will probably come across when you consider purchasing a reverse osmosis filtration system. Reverse osmosis is a type of water filtration where it physically separates water and molecules based on the physical size of the molecules down to 1/10,000 of a micron which is extremely small.

Whenever you run try to research answers to this online, you will always come across two groups people who say it is unhealthy versus people who say they can’t live without it. The truth of the matter is purified water from reverse osmosis systems is perfectly safe and has been ever since its conception. Reverse osmosis (aka RO) has been developed by the navy to be able to convert sea water to drinking water during their long voyages. Now, many bottled water companies including Dasani, Aquafina, Kirkland and Nestle use reverse osmosis as one of their stages of filtration.

One of the main complaints about reverse osmosis is that it will remove all of the minerals in the water and will leech precious minerals from your body because it is too pure but what is the real truth? The truth is they are partially right. RO water will remove minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Fluoride and a few other minerals that are good for your body but the purified water will not leech off your body. Even though RO water removes these minerals, the amount removed is very little when compared to the amount taken in by your normal food diet. Drinking only RO water will probably lower your daily mineral intake by 2% which can easily be replaced with a fruit, vegetable or some sort of food consumption.

Reverse osmosis water is considered to be aggressive water? because of its tendency to leech? or pull minerals from nearly anything it contacts including metals, plastic, and glass in order to neutralize itself. Question is, will leeching occur in the body if you drink reverse osmosis water?? Even though the theory is sound reverse osmosis water will not leech on the body because of the amount taken in. Our normal daily intake of water does not reach the threshold point of where leeching could occur. The bodies’ stomach contents will automatically neutralize the aggressive tendencies of RO water which means it’s safe to drink.

If you have ever consumed a bottle of water from Dasani, Aquafina, Kirkland, or Nestle than you’ve had reverse osmosis water through your body already without any adverse affects. In fact, you’ve consumed more reverse osmosis treated water than you probably know and probably liked the way it tasted. RO water is completely safe and consumed by millions on the daily basis.

So why do certain blogs try to scare you away from reverse osmosis water filtration all of a sudden? The next time you visit a blog, pay attention to it and you’ll see it’s more of an advertisement to push another product that is not as good as reverse osmosis. So if you’re thinking of buying a drinking water filtration system, get a reverse osmosis system know that you’re going to be drinking healthy pure water.