I Have a Very Interesting Girlfriend

November 29, 2016 Off By Dante Filyaw

In fact the only downside to this new girlfriend is that I have to worry a little more than I like about sexual health in relations, that is because she is really openly attracted to other women and does not care much what I think about it. She likes me and in fact she makes very effort to hide the fact that she really enjoys sex with me, or with other women. So when I come over to see her a lot of the time there is another woman there. In fact I think some times that I should be looking for tips from her. I have known her for about three and a half months, about half of that time we have been in a serious relationship. She has been involved with about eight other women in that time, at least that I know about. Some of them she knew prior to this. Obviously you have to worry about some rather specific things and you have to think a lot more about sexual health. In fact I do not think that you have the same risks when it is a woman having sex with another woman, although the issue of sex toys seems to be a complicating factor. In the end it is the same thing they say on the public service announcements, you have to think about all of the partners that your partner has. It is not the same, but the same principles apply. At any rate I can not claim that I would not be bringing home girls as often as she does, but I simply do not seem to have the same success that she does. Of course it has to help that she is an absolutely gorgeous woman in the absolute prime of her sexuality.