I Didn’t Realize That I Had a Problem Right Away

April 20, 2017 Off By Dante Filyaw

When I was younger, I just lived with the fact that my “time of the month” was part of life. But as I grew older and wiser, I realized what a pain it is to deal with every month. I finally found out about Vitex after reading some articles about it. I wondered if it could help me with one of the big issues I was dealing with incessantly. Simple pain relievers helped that monthly pain I went through, but I had a bigger problem than just pain.

It took me some time to realize that I had become a very irritable, and sometimes, angry person for about a week or two every month. My husband finally sat me down to talk about it. Being irritable started out rather slowly, and I can see that now that I look back on the situation. Over time, irritation about things here and there escalated to being bothered by just about everything. I was beginning to realize it, and my husband told me that he was struggling to live with it, too.

I can’t remember any point in the past where the sound of someone’s voice or the sound of them breathing could affect me so negatively. And the person I was also treating negatively was my husband. It was the sound of his breathing and him speaking to me that sounded like chalk on a chalkboard to me. When I yelled at him about his voice one night, he decided to talk to me about it.We both realized then that I had PMS troubles. So, I went looking for some way to put a stop to the problem once and for all. I was not sure if I needed to see a doctor at first, but I soon learned that I didn’t need to. I was able to buy Vitex, and I saw a change in myself right away.