I Broke My Tooth on an Ice Cube

I was eating ice cubes. It was hot. Very hot. I had been working outdoors and let myself get dehydrated. I was to the point of having cramps, and that was not good at all. I started drinking water, and I had a big bottle of sports electrolyte drink to replace salt, potassium and other electrolytes. I started to eat the ice I put in a glass for the sports drink because it was not refrigerated, and then I did it. I felt the tooth crack and the pain was like a shockwave. My wife called our dentist in Wollongong as I was still hurting from the cold ice and that broken tooth.

You would think that the cold would have numbed some of the pain. I think it made it a whole lot worse. Have you ever had a dentist check to see which tooth is causing you the trouble when you are not sure? They use a freeze spray and spray it on a cotton swab. Then they hold that frozen swab up against your tooth. If it hurts, they have the right tooth. I was in the room when it was done to someone I know, and the person let out a yell! That is how that ice felt in my mouth when that tooth broke. It was like hitting your hand when it is really cold. It makes it hurt worse. I started to actually be able to take it a lot better after my mouth started to warm up inside.

It was a couple of hours later that the dentist saw me, and by then my tooth was starting to throb. A piece had broken off and that nerve was just exposed to the air, my saliva and anything I put in my mouth. I was so happy to get that fixed. That throbbing pain would not go away and it was intense. Not as bad as when I first did it by biting that ice cube but still hurting. I ended up needing a root canal and post and crown, but I was wiling to do anything to get that pain to go away.