How to stick to your diet when going to America

January 23, 2017 Off By Dante Filyaw

It’s no secret that food is a big part of American culture. At any good party you’ll find great food right in the middle of it. It’s everywhere, there’s always a lot of it and it’s always delicious, so it’s no wonder that so many tourists go home complaining about weight gain. American portion sizes is something a lot of foreigners definitely aren’t used to, but that doesn’t mean that you have to gain weight when you visit. If you’re planning on visiting the USA any time soon, here are some tips on how you can prevent weight gain :

Good Diet

What you drink is as important as what you eat

You need to keep in mind that sugar can sneak its way into your diet all the time. You might eat nothing but salad every day, but if you’re still gulping down bottles of soda you’re not going to lose much weight. So, avoid the sugary drinks and stick to water. The same goes for alcohol. A bottle of beer here and there is a treat, but weekly booze sessions will pack on the pounds fast.

Don’t finish your plate

In a lot of cultures it’s polite to finish off your whole plate to show the chef that you appreciated the food. Well, that doesn’t apply in America. American portion sizes are going to be a bit bigger than you’re used to and the more often you finish your entire plate of food the easier it will be to eat the same amount of food regularly and thus you get hungry more often and put on weight. Instead, start being a bit more aware of what you’re eating and how much. If you’re too busy enjoying a dish you might not notice that your stomach is already full, so learn to recognise the signs and respond to them. After you’ve eaten enough to satisfy your hunger ask yourself ‘Am I eating because I need to or eating because I want to?’. Unless you feel like you absolutely cannot go on with the rest of your life without eating the rest of your food, put it down and step away from the buffet.

Do as the Americans do

As much as Americans like their food they like their sports just as much. One reason why portion sizes don’t bother Americans is because there are a lot of people leading really active lives and burning off the calories. So, take the opportunity to see the great outdoors that America has to offer. Go hiking or surfing or even just go for a jog every now and then.

Save your money for something

One great way to motivate yourself to not eat out all the time is to save up for something. There are some awesome attractions around the USA that you can save up for – helicopter tours, theme parks, casinos, spas etc. – and cutting out the restaurants and fast food is a great way to save up for it. If you don’t quite have the money you want, you could always look at a list of financial betting websites and give it a go. But, the main point is that your desire to do something that you will remember for the rest of your life will overcome your craving for food you don’t need. Cooking from home will also give you a lot more control of what you’re eating and how much, so you won’t feel pressured to eat what you do when you go to a restaurant.