How To Maintain A Daily Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet is of great importance in our daily meal, as it assures a healthy and long life. How to maintain a balanced diet. It is easy to do the same, provided, you understand the composition of a balanced diet. Incorporate foods that provide all the essential nutrients, such as fat, protein, carbohydrate, fiber, minerals and vitamins helps in the maintenance of a balanced diet.

It is easy to adhere to a balanced diet, by following the food pyramid. The five food groups in the food pyramid provide all the necessary nutrients. Cereals and millets form the base of the pyramid. Vegetables and fruits form the next step of the pyramid. Vegetables and fruits provide phytonutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Animal foods and dairy products lie parallel to each other, on the next step. Fats and oils form the apex of the pyramid, as they are restricted.

A balanced diet, as the name indicates, creates equipoise in the system and prevents any kind of associated problems. It provides relaxation to the physical and psychological state of the individual. It enhances the performance and cognitive thinking of the individual. It helps in the maintenance of body weight. Thus, it averts a number of complications, such as obesity, atherosclerosis, and hypertension and so on. A balanced diet keeps blood glucose and cholesterol levels in the normal range, thereby proving beneficial to the system.

Ensure a balanced diet by inclusion of all the foods with the major nutrients, in various combination’s. Combination of foods helps in the mutual supplementation of certain nutrients. For instance, bread provides carbohydrates, whereas beans provide protein. Butter is a rich source of fat. A glass of milk makes the above said meal, a balanced one. Both the quantity and quality of the meals play a vital role in the sustenance of a balanced diet. Eat a balanced diet to prevent deficiency disorders, such as anaemia, rickets and so on. Growth and development is affected by an improper diet. In the case of children, eating a balanced diet, in a single go is difficult. This situation is overcome by spreading the foods of a particular meal, to a few hours, based on the child’s capacity to complete.

Maintenance of a balanced diet ensures variety and breaks the monotony of a meal. It also creates interest and makes the meal, more appetizing. Optimum growth and health are the prerequisite of every individual. Achieve the same with a balanced diet.