How to Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling

September 12, 2019 Off By Dante Filyaw

If you have recently redesigned your bathroom and have it looking just how you want, then you will probably want to know how to keep your new bathroom sparkling. Cleaning your bathroom does not have to be hard work, providing you stick to the maxim of little and often. Wipe the toilet seat, handle and rim at least once a day, wipe round the sink and the bath every morning, bath wipes will do the trick quite nicely. If you don’t have the time for it, then just hire house cleaning brampton to get your bathroom sparkling.

Clean the mirrors and the inside of the bathroom window at least once a week. You don’t need expensive cleaners to do this. Add a few capfuls of white vinegar and the juice of one lemon to a couple of pints of warm water. Rub the window or the mirror trying to keep wiping in the same direction, and then do the same thing up and down the mirror. Take a soft dry cloth and rub the window and the mirrors gently until any smears and marks disappear. Once you have cleaned the windows and mirrors. You can use the same solution to clean your shower tray, providing it is made of porcelain. You should put the shower curtains in the washing machine at least once a week.

If you have a shower cubicle, then a couple of times a year give the walls and door a coat of car polish, then it will just need a wipe over a couple of times a week. Once a month put some white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda into your toilet and leave for an hour before flushing as this will help to prevent the lime scale buildup that results in rings near the bottom of your toilet.

Many people have a problem with mildew in their bathrooms, to stop this becoming a problem in your house fill a spray bottle half way with peroxide and then top up with water. Spray the ceiling and any other areas where mildew occurs and leave for a couple of hours and spray again. If you do this you should be able to keep your bathroom free of mildew and looking good. Also try to ensure that after using the shower or bathroom that moisture is removed from the surface of all susceptible areas.

When you clean your toilet, the first thing you should do is to empty the bowl of water, unless you do this the cleaning products just won’t work. You can force the water out with a plunger, once that is done you can add the cleaner and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing and then flushing away. Once you have cleaned the bowl, clean under the rim of the toilet, around the seat and the pedestal base. Keep all shampoos and creams inside a bathroom cupboard, if you leave them out on the side they will just collect dust and you don’t want that in your bathroom. Wipe the counter tops every day when you wipe the sink and the bath, if you follow these tips it should be fairly easy to keep your newly modelled bathroom sparkling clean.