How To Get Rid Of Migraine Pain Permanently?

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10 Natural Remedies for Migraines

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, this problem is one of the most common conditions in the world. Migraines can occur in children and adults, especially if there is a hereditary predisposition. In America, the Migraine Research Foundation estimates that nearly 12 percent of people suffer from migraine headaches. 

Drugs and non-pharmacological agents help to eliminate the ailment. Besides, there are a number of recommendations to deal with migraine pain like correcting your diet, as well as taking vitamins, changing your lifestyle and dealing with stress. So let’s find out how you can get relief from migraine pain.

Migraine Headache

The painful sensations that form with migraines are not just severe headaches. Migraine often has other symptoms in addition to pain. Most often, patients suffer from nausea with vomiting, tingling or numbness of the hands or feet. In addition, pain is accompanied by a change in sensitivity to sound, light, or odors.

Migraine headaches can be a debilitating chronic condition that can affect the daily life of some people. There are many different medicines used to treat and prevent migraines and relieve pain. But some people choose to use non-drug treatments as an alternative or supplement to treatment. Here are some tips for those who don’t want to use medicines.

  1. Changes Your Diet

Many people who suffer from migraines notice that certain foods can trigger a pain attack. Common food triggers that trigger migraines include; processed and fermented foods, red wine, chocolate, and caffeinated drink.

Knowing the foods that can trigger migraines is critical in correcting your diet. Some people use a food diary to track potential triggers and make adjustments to their diet. Oftentimes, changing your diet or eating pattern to eliminate triggers can help prevent future migraines.

  1. Quit Alcohol

The number of addicts across the US, especially in North Hampshire, has increased drastically in the past year due to COVID-19. People started relying on alcohol as a way to cope with stress during this pandemic. However, it only worsened the condition as the number of health problems, such as liver diseases and drinking-induced headaches, increased drastically.

Alcohol is a strong trigger for migraines; thus, if you want to get rid of this pain, you will have to quit drinking alcohol. However, you cannot let go of this habit easily and you need to get help from rehab centers.

 Only through proper treatment, you can eliminate this headache. For treatment, there are several rehab facilities in NH (North Hampshire) that can help you get rid of your suffering and facilitate you living a pain-free life.

  1. Take Magnesium And Vitamins Supplements

A deficiency in magnesium, which is one of the body’s essential minerals, can cause migraine aura or pre-menstrual headaches in women. Migraine aura is a visual disturbance that occurs at the onset of an attack. However, not everyone who suffers from migraine attacks experiences an aura before they start. 

Research has shown that magnesium supplementation can be beneficial in reducing the frequency of migraines in some people. But it’s important to talk to your doctor before taking magnesium, especially if you have a chronic illness. B vitamins in combination with magnesium intake are no less useful. 

They play a role in the regulation of neurotransmitters in the brain. B vitamins are water-soluble, which means that excess levels are excreted in the urine and are not stored in the body. Besides, the body quickly removes B vitamins, so overdose is unlikely. 

  1. Drink Enough Water 

A decrease in fluid volume, dehydration of the body is a well-known provocateur of migraines and headaches. And sometimes, it only takes a little dehydration to trigger a migraine attack, especially in the heat. So patients should try to drink more water every day to stay hydrated.

People who are severely dehydrated from infections or fever may initially need oral rehydration solutions to replenish lost electrolytes. However, the physiological volume of drinking water throughout the day and adherence to a healthy diet is usually sufficient to maintain the water-salt balance.

  1. Manage Your Sleep And Stress

Lack of sleep or excess sleep, disturbed sleep patterns can be triggers for migraine headaches. Overall, 7-9 hours of restful sleep daily can help reduce stress and prevent migraines. For many men or women, physical or emotional stress is a typical trigger for migraines. 

It can also create a vicious cycle where migraine pain intensifies the body’s stress responses, which in turn trigger another migraine attack. Finding and addressing stress triggers, exercise or meditation, can help prevent future migraines. It is important to choose for yourself the most effective methods of dealing with stress. It can be warm baths or relaxing music, outdoor recreation, a walk or sleep.

  1. Use Essential Oils Or Ginger

Essential oils are often used as natural remedies to combat many health problems. For example, lavender essential oil is often recommended as a remedy for stress, anxiety, and headaches. One small study published by European neurologists found that inhaling lavender oils helped reduce the severity of migraine headaches in some people. 

 A 2014 study of 100 people compared the effectiveness of ginger powder with sumatriptan for the treatment of migraines. The researchers found that the effectiveness of ginger was statistically comparable to sumatriptan, and patients willingly continued their treatment.

It has certain benefits for patients with frequent migraines. It lies in the fact that the use of ginger has practically no side effects, and if you don’t have any existing allergies, there is no problem with taking it. But ginger does not help everyone.

  1. Try Yoga Or Stretching

Yoga helps to improve blood flow to muscles and tissues, which can help relieve symptoms in people with migraines. A comprehensive study in 2014 compared traditional migraine treatment with and without the addition of regular yoga practice. 

The researchers found that the group that participated in the yoga program had better results in terms of seizure reduction than those who received traditional treatment. It means that if you really want to get of migraines, start practicing yoga.

Take Away

Migraine is a common health problem that a person can deal with by following some healthy tips. We mentioned some hacks in the article above that can help anyone deal with migraines without taking medication.