How to choose the best herbal supplement

Herbal supplements are frequently used by many now, but you should know which one is right for you.  There are several factors which determine your choice of a herbal supplement, for example your current health status, your medical history and the herb that is present in the supplement.

The labels on the herbal supplements are often not very clear and it may be difficult for you to make a right choice by looking at the ingredients on the bottle.  Generally all herbal supplements contain active ingredients which have a direct effect on your body functions just like over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs.

Hence if you are deciding to buy a herbal supplement or a dietary supplement, consult your doctor by making suggestions to him. The doctor can also tell you whether any herbs have dangerous side effects or if specific herbal medicines are appropriate for you.   Inform yourself about any supplement which you want to take, so that you are familiar with all the ingredients which are going into your body through the herbal supplement.

Herbal supplements do not have to pass the FDA approval before being sold in the market.  However, there are certain regulations which have been imposed on the manufacturers of herbal supplements.  For example, the labels should contain all the ingredients in the supplement in its identity, purity, strength and composition.  The supplement should also be free from contaminants.  

The label on the herbal supplement should provide you with the necessary information regarding the ingredients.  The name of the herbal supplement is important and naturally the net quantity of contents should be mentioned.  Other herbs and amino acids should be mentioned and obviously the name and address of the manufacturer, packer and distributor.  

When choosing a herbal supplement simply look for standardized herbal supplements.  If it is manufactured by a certified group, its seal will be present, which indicates that the supplement has been made according to certain manufacturing standards.  All herbal supplements in the market are not safe and you should tread your path carefully.

It is safest to buy single-herb products and the products should be clearly shown and in what proportion it has been used.  Some herbal supplements have a mixture of several herbs, and there are no proportions mentioned on the label at all.  Often there are claims made by the manufacturers, which almost sound too good to be true.  Buy a product that is manufactured in the United States, because some herbal supplements manufactured in Europe have been found to contain toxic ingredients and prescription drugs.
Herbal supplements can sometimes give very good results and can improve your general health to a great extent.  Along with it, if you change your lifestyle by changing your diet or starting a new exercise program, the results will be even better.