When learning How To Build Leg Muscle you need to be aware that the legs are composed of the largest muscle group in the entire body, and your legs are the foundation for every other work out.

As with achieving all fitness goals when learning how to build leg muscle, nutrition is of the utmost importance. Protein builds muscle, so making sure that you are in taking a healthy amount of protein.

Stretching, not just before and after a work out but at various times throughout the day will assist you in adding leg muscle, because it keeps the leg muscle stimulated and staying loose will help you to avoid injury both while working out and through the course of a normal day.

Building leg muscle is something that can be done outside of the gym as there are many activities that can help build leg muscle. Walking is an excellent way to build leg muscle. Maintaining a steady, brisk pace for more than 30 minutes a day.

Running is another activity that will help build leg muscle. If jogging is too boring an activity try playing a sport that incorporates a large amount of running, such as soccer or basketball.

Building leg muscle in the gym isn’t all about weight training. Spin and cycle classes not only help build leg muscle they contribute to your over all health and in particular are a great cardio work out which is the corner stone of any good and complete fitness regiment.

The standing calf raise is an excellent exercise for building up your leg muscle and can be done anywhere.

In the gym, leg curls and lunges, both on their own or with dumbbells are excellent leg workouts, and will assist you in building leg muscle. Keep in mind that when you’re trying to build leg muscles there are exercises that focus on your upper thigh and exercises that focus on your calf muscle.

Dead lifting is a great exercise to strengthen your hamstring but is not an exercise for beginners. When trying to build leg muscle dead lifts should be done only once you have begun a solid leg fitness routine and should only be performed with a spotter and no more than once a week.

Remember to mix up your routines and keep in mind that while you are trying to build leg muscle, you can easily injure your legs, and an injury will set back your training and make it harder to build leg muscle.

So now that you know how to build leg muscle get out there and do it, and your body will thank you.